Cybersecurity (e-learning)

Cybercrime is an ongoing threat. If you're looking to reinforce your teams understanding of the new virtual norm, stay up-to-date with the latest cyber training practices throughout our 4 e-learning modules. They focus on the different types of cyber threats, showing you how to outsmart the hacker and how to implement best practices in your workplace.

Why should you choose our cybersecurity training package? Training practices are constantly evolving and PwC's Academy is always on the lookout for new ways to engage learners. These modules are not just about engaging our learners for product competency or better product adoption: they prepare the learners to fully understand how to minimise the security risks or even prevent the next cyberattack through scenario based learning since most attacks are enabled primarily by human error.


We deploy our e-learning solution as from 10 licences.

  • From 10 to 50 participants: 75 EUR;
  • From 51 to 150 participants: 70 EUR;
  • From 151 to 300 participants: 60 EUR;
  • More than 300 participants : 50 EUR.

Duration: 1h

Language: Available in English


By the end of this training, you will be able to :

  • recognise cyber threats through different learning scenarios;
  • increase security in your workplace with a strong understanding of how a hacker operates; 
  • keep your personal and private information locked down to avoid social engineering traps;
  • create more secure and stronger passwords to prevent being a victim of cyber crimes.


The course consists of 4 modules namely :

  • Information security
  • Social engineering
  • Hackers' capabilities
  • Password security

Target audience

This course has been designed for any employee using technologies and internet.

Our lead experts

Our lead experts

This course is coordinated by Koen Maris, Partner and Maxime Pallez, Director at PwC Luxembourg.

Koen is a partner and leads the Cyber Security practice with more than 20 years of experience in information/cyber security in cross industry environments. Koen is specialised in Secure Operations Centers, incident response and raising awareness at all levels of an organisation. He has experience with Distributed Ledger Technology, IoT, OT/IT security, threat intelligence and forensics. Koen has a strong technical background and operational experience in cyber security as well as strong competencies in security architecture, solution design, programme management, and business development.

​Maxime is a director, and an information risk advisor specialised in information security governance. He has mainly worked on risk management projects and cyber security maturity assessments. Furthermore, he proved his ability to have a very good understanding of ICT and security issues by performing several IT audits within PwC Luxembourg.


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