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Intra-company training

All our intra-company courses can be delivered within the premises of our clients.

Over the last few years, intra-company courses have become the most asked-for format as it allows for the course to be optimally tailored to a specific audience, a company’s business processes and its internal culture.

We offer personalised advice and design along with our clients relevant and effective intra-company courses delivered by PwC’s subject matter experts. Depending on the topic and the learning experience sought by the client, courses can also be delivered by or in collaboration with carefully selected external training partners.

Courses can either be designed as stand-alone training or as part of a learning journey which can combine different learning formats to fulfill the client’s objectives. In either case, we co-design the courses with our clients and propose innovative formats leveraging PwC’s wide range of technical assets.

Intra-company courses can also accommodate different types and sizes of audiences and can be given in different languages.

Open training

PwC’s Luxembourg Crystal Park premises include over 1,000 m2 of training facilities meeting the BREEAM requirements (Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method). BREEAM buildings focus on the comfort and well-being of its occupants.

This is where our wide range of open courses are delivered on a daily basis for audiences who come from Luxembourg, the wider region and even abroad.

When appropriate, some of our courses are also delivered through webinars. 

All our courses are delivered by seasoned PwC subject matter experts. Depending on the topic, courses can also be delivered by or in collaboration with carefully selected external training partners.

Open courses deal with the most demanded topics and as such their number and extent is in continuous evolution. They are planned in advance to meet the market demand. The detailed course agenda can be consulted and registrations can be filled-up in the “Training calendar” section. If a course hasn’t been planned yet, you have the possibility to contact us so that you can register for a session as soon as the quorum audience has been reached.

The advantages of open courses are:

  • Benefiting from the latest insights, techniques and research related to a hot topic;
  • Meet professional peers and network with them during interactive sessions;
  • Logistics are fully taken care by PwC’s Academy.

Some courses are complemented by pre and/or post training sessions that are given in an e-learning format.

Various other courses are available as part of a learning curriculum. These courses are designed to provide professionals with the knowledge they’d need in their respective functions.

Cancellation policy for open training

Digital learning

From induction to deep-dives, we use several approaches to make the most of digital learning technologies, including blended and virtual learning solutions. PwC’s Academy can support you and your business in developing a wide array of digital training programmes meeting your business requirements. The approach adopted by PwC’s Academy is to work closely with you to co-design the best type of digital interaction that yields best returns.

We propose online training courses on a wide range of topics and make them accessible via industry-renowned platforms managed by PwC. Learners can participate in trainings whilst their progress can be monitored remotely. The platforms allow them to pause and restart a learning process as necessary, as their activity is constantly logged.

Digital learning has, in a number of instances, proven to be a powerful add-on or even a relevant alternative to traditional training. PwC’s academy can support you in establishing a wider learning strategy that comprises both traditional training complemented with digital learning routes.

Our range of digital learning services includes:

  • Designing and producing customised e-learning packages
  • Learning analytics and trainer reporting
  • Hosting of e-learning packages including user administration and support
  • Updating the digital content according to market or regulatory changes

Multi-format blended learning

PwC’s Academy is at your service to design innovative, performing and long-lasting learning journeys tailored to your organisation’s specific needs.

By definition, blended learning is highly context-dependent. A solution most suited to you will depend on your learning goals, corporate identity, strategy and activities, on the nature of your audience, your format preferences, past learning experiences… to name a few. There is no one ideal solution, rather optimal solutions which can maximise the learning experience within the scope of your criteria.

We have PwC’s unique wealth of expertise at hand to design these optimal learning solutions, from stand-alone blended courses to fully fledged learning curricula addressing complex, role-based and multi-location learning needs.

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