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PSF Podcasts

PSF podcast is a short talk on current pressing issues that impact professionals of the financial services industry in Luxembourg including regulatory matters, investment management, business strategy and innovation trends.

Season 1

Ep4: Diving into the corporate services business for alternative products with Joost Mees

In this episode, Nicolas takes a detour from the regulatory matters to focus on the PSF-related business in itself, more specifically on the corporate services business for alternative products (real estate, private equity, debt funds, etc). 
Since a couple of years ago, this type of business has started thriving in Luxembourg. To better illustrate their case, Nicolas welcomes Joost Mees, managing Director at JTC Luxembourg.

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Diving into the regulator’s expectations

Ep3: Diving into the regulator's expectations

This episode of the PSF Podcast focuses on some of the expectations the regulator has towards professionals of the financial sector, and dives into each and every type of PSF, to enable you, our listener, to have the information that is relevant to you.

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Diving into CSSF 20/758 Circular on Governance and risk management

Ep2: Diving into CSSF 20/758 Circular on Governance and risk management

This episode revolves around the Circular CSSF 20/758 issued in December last year. The circular focuses on central administration, internal governance and risk management matters. Amended by CSSF Circular 21/785, it is only applicable to investment firms.

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Ep1: Diving into the first IFD/IFR reporting date

This PSF Podcast episode is focused on the first IFD/IFR reporting date.
On 22 February 2021 the CSSF confirmed that the XBRL solution will be adopted as a method of collection of the new prudential reporting applicable to investment firms.
The first reporting is to be prepared as of 30 September 2021 for Class 2 investment firms (due by 11 November 2021).
The new regime introduces a new approach to the calculation of the regulatory capital requirements and for most of the investment firms it will result in increased capital needs, subject to transitional phasing-in.

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