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PSF Podcasts

PSF podcast is a short talk on current pressing issues that impact professionals of the financial services industry in Luxembourg including regulatory matters, investment management, business strategy and innovation trends.

Season 1

Diving into CSSF 20/758 Circular on Governance and risk management

Ep2: Diving into CSSF 20/758 Circular on Governance and risk management

This episode revolves around the Circular CSSF 20/758 issued in December last year. The circular focuses on central administration, internal governance and risk management matters. Amended by CSSF Circular 21/785, it is only applicable to investment firms.

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Ep1: Diving into the first IFD/IFR reporting date

This PSF Podcast episode is focused on the first IFD/IFR reporting date.
On 22 February 2021 the CSSF confirmed that the XBRL solution will be adopted as a method of collection of the new prudential reporting applicable to investment firms.
The first reporting is to be prepared as of 30 September 2021 for Class 2 investment firms (due by 11 November 2021).
The new regime introduces a new approach to the calculation of the regulatory capital requirements and for most of the investment firms it will result in increased capital needs, subject to transitional phasing-in.

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