What’s new in the real estate tax world?

Join us to our new webcast on a crucial development in international taxation - the brand New Double Tax Treaty between Luxembourg and the United Kingdom.

The United Kingdom and Luxembourg signed this groundbreaking tax treaty in July 2022. Following subsequent ratifications, it will come into effect on January 1, 2024, for Luxembourg taxes covered under the treaty. For UK withholding tax purposes, it takes effect on the same date, while for UK corporation tax purposes, it's from April 1, 2024. As for UK income tax and capital gains tax purposes, the start date is April 6, 2024.

Join our PwC experts, Rachel Hodges (PwC UK), Neil Anthony (PwC UK) and Max Berend (PwC Luxembourg), as they dive into the treaty's finer details. Discover the most significant change - the inclusion of a "land-rich company" provision within the capital gains tax article. Gain insights into how fund managers and investors have anticipated the treaty's entry into force. Explore the evolving trends in investment structuring when it comes to the UK and discover other treaty developments that offer opportunities for cross border investments strategies

Don't miss this opportunity to stay informed and ahead of the curve in the world of international taxation!

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Date, Schedule & Location

The webcast will be held on Wednesday 8 November 2023.

3 pm - 4 pm CET  //  2 pm - 3 pm BST  // 9 am - 10 am EDT  // 1 pm - 2 pm GMT  //  9 pm - 10:00 pm HKT, SGT  // 10 pm - 11 pm JST // 10 pm 11 pm SGT

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