Single Supervisory Mechanism & Single Resolution Mechanism conference - 5 July 2023

We are delighted to invite you to the 17th edition of our Single Supervisory Mechanism & Single Resolution Mechanism conference which will take place physically on:

Wednesday 5 July
As from 10.30, followed by a networking lunch

at PwC Luxembourg, 2 rue Gerhard Mercator L-2182 Luxembourg 

Internal Audit Forum

The European Central Bank (ECB) and the Single Resolution Board (SRB) have been shaking up banking supervision in the Eurozone for almost 10 years. It is once again time to reflect on this banking supervision framework, examining what has been achieved so far and what is coming next.

Our guest speaker will be Martin Neisen, Head of Risk and Regulation of PwC Germany. He is leading our network initiatives on EBA/SSM/SRB and working with banks and regulators/supervisors at both national and European level. Martin has taken over this role from Burkhard Eckes, who has gone into retirement and whom many of you knew. 

Martin will be joined by Carole de Vergnies, EMEA Lead for Bank Recovery and Resolution Planning  and Jean-Philippe Maes, Risk & Regulatory Partner at PwC Luxembourg.

During this conference, we will cover the following topics, among others:

  • What are SSM's observations, activities and plans concerning supervisory priorities for 2023 and beyond?
  • What are  the key takeaways of ECB‘s SREP 2022 exercise and its actual view on Credit Risk, Leveraged Finance, Non Financial Risk Management, Governance, Operational Resilience?
  • What are the ECB and SRB take aways from recent banking crisis such as SVB and Credit Suisse and how will this affect ECB supervision going forward?
  • With regards to the war in Ukraine, what is ECB's view on the current phase of the conflict and which supervisory activities are to be expected?
  • What are EBA’s priorities and workplan for 2023 and beyond?
  • What is the status of  EC’s Digital Finance Package?
  • What are the newest developments of the regulation of AML/CTF by EC, EBA and ECB?
  • What is the current status of the EU's discussion of the new Banking Package including CRR and CRD?
  • What has been the experience with the organization of ECB supervision so far, and what is expected in future?
  • What might be the future development of interdependencies between accounting rules and prudential supervision also in the light of ECB‘s observations on IFRS 9 implementation of identification and measurement of credit risk?
  • What is the status of regulation/supervision regarding Sustainable Finance/ESG in EC/EBA/SSM/Basel and what is the potential impact on the banking industry, especially EU taxonomy, CSRD and European Sustainability Reporting Standards, ITS on risk disclosure, Green Asset Ratio?
  • What are ECB‘s findings on current practices and disclosures regarding Climate & Environmental Risks?
  • What has been banks’ experience with ECB‘s Climate Stress Test and what are the recent developments regarding  its potential impact on SREP and possible inclusion in a 2024 Climate Stress Test?
  • Which impact will the return of inflation have in general and on the treatment of unrealised losses in banks' bond portfolios in particular?
  • What are the future developments of supervision of “less significant institutions”?
  • What are SRB's priorities for 2022 and beyond, its multi-annual program and the key challenges for banks in the course of the resolution planning cycle 2022 and following years?
  • What are the impacts of the CMDI proposed package and what does it mean for resolution?

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