Securitisation Get Together

Despite this more than challenging past year that strongly affected the world, both individually but also economically, we want to ensure that we can unite for our annual Securitisation Get-Together to provide you with our latest insights on interesting topics around the securitisation market.

By the end of March 2021, we have identified more than 1,300 active securitisation vehicles under the Luxembourg Securitisation Law and we observe further activity in the market. We would like to share with you during our annual PwC Securitisation Get Together 2021 our impressions on current developments, discussions of a revamp of the Securitisation Law, regulatory impacts as well as current hot topics.

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PwC Securitisation Get Together - 2 June 2021

Date & Agenda

Wednesday 2 June - 9:30 - 11:00

The following topics will be discussed:

  • Quo vadis Securitisation in Luxembourg - Market update and a proposed new law
    Holger von Keutz, Partner, PwC Luxembourg
  • ATAD - interest limitation or business limitation?
    Luc Petit, Partner, PwC Luxembourg
  • Regulatory overkill? - EU SecReg, SFDR, etc: curse or blessing
    Andreas Drossel, Partner, and Markus Zenz, Director, PwC Luxembourg
  • Tokenisation - what's in it for securitisation?
    Maximilian Portenlänger, Head of Securitisation, von der Heydt
  • Prime property for everybody - how securitisation enables real estate investments
    Martin Halblaub, Founder and Chairman, Estating

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