ESG Autumn Day - 27 September 2023

We're delighted to announce that we're organising our ESG Autumn Day on 27 September 2023 in our premises. This fully physical event will consist of a plenary session in the morning followed by a variety of selective hands-on workshops. Join us to discuss ESG Due Diligence, non-financial reporting, double materiality and tax matters in the ESG context, to name a few. There are topics for both financial industry players as well as corporates.

ESG Autumn Day

Date & schedule

This event will take place on Wednesday 27 September 2023 from 8.30 am to 14.30 CET at our premises, including a networking lunch.


PwC Luxembourg: 2 rue Gerhard Mercator - 2182 Luxembourg

To ensure a high level of interactivity and network, we have not planned any possibility to connect remotely to any session.


08:30 Welcome coffee & Registration

Welcome & Introduction followed by PwC's Sustainability Market Pulse Survey

Frédéric Vonner, Partner, PwC Luxembourg

Session 1 - ESG Due Diligence: risk management or value creation?

Panel discussion moderated by Frédéric Vonner, Partner & Oriane Schoonbroodt, Director, PwC Luxembourg and with:

  • Paulina Arcos Conelli, Head of Investment Compliance and Operational Risk, Generali Investments Luxembourg S.A
  • Ravi Bhatt, Director and Head of Responsible Investment, Apis Partners
  • Anne Canel, Independent Director
  • Jan-Michael Dierkes, Managing Director and Head of ESG, DTCP Capital
  • Nick Marchesi, Environmental Expert, EIB
Session 2 - Demystify CSRD transformation - operational impacts, double materiality assessment and other challenges

Julien Melotte, Partner, PwC Luxembourg

Julien Jacqué, Director, PwC Luxembourg

Claire Cherpion, Director, PwC Luxembourg

Session 3 - PAI at entity level: what the first reports tell us

Olivier Carré, Partner, PwC Luxembourg

Michael Horvath, Partner, PwC Luxembourg

11:30 Workshop to choose upon registration - please see details below
12:00 Workshop to choose upon registration - please see details below
12:30 Lunch break
13:30 Workshop to choose upon registration - please see details below
14:00 Workshop to choose upon registration - please see details below
14:30 End of the event

In the following section you will find the details of each workshop. 

If you have any questions, please contact our Events Team by email (


The importance of ESG governance - Impacts of CSSF's thematic review

During the session we will investigate the impact of the main findings and recommendations the CSSF provides in its thematic review for Management Companies, AIFMs and Asset Managers.


Michael Horvath, Partner and Timo Scholla, Senior Manager - PwC Luxembourg

Double Materiality Assessment in practice

Making your CSRD transformation as efficient as possible will depend on a proper and pragmatic double materiality assessment (DMA). In this session, we will discuss challenges and operational impacts coming from the DMA exercise leveraging practical use cases applicable to both the financial and non-financial sectors.


Julien Melotte, Partner, Claire Cherpion, Director and Ruggero Golini, Senior Manager - PwC Luxembourg

Taxes in CSRD/SFDR compliant alternative fund structures and financial products
  • Impacts on fund and financial product structuring
  • Impacts on transactions for alternative funds


Mourad Garouche, Partner - PwC Luxembourg 

Tax aspects of ESG in a corporate environment
  • Luxembourg tax incentives for transformation and digitalisation
  • Taxes in the taxonomy and CSRD


Begga Sigurdardottir, Partner - PwC Luxembourg

CFO's role in ESG

A practical look at why and how CFOs play a critical role in a company's ESG journey through alignment of the financial strategy with sustainability goals driven by the double materiality, managing risks, engaging stakeholders and ensuring transparent actionable reporting. We will explore practical cases on how CFOs can contribute to a company's ESG transformation through data and reporting, capital allocation, performance management, integration into decision making, stakeholder engagement and internal collaboration for both financial and non-financial sectors.


Baptiste Guionnet, Partner and Julien Jacqué, Director - PwC Luxembourg

What is your appetite for climate risk?

In our workshop, we discuss emerging practices around meaningfully integrating climate risk considerations into a bank’s risk appetite framework, from reputational aspects to the integration of climate risk considerations into lending and investment decisions. We will discuss select case studies and will invite participants to share their experiences.


Lorenz von Below, Senior Manager - PwC Luxembourg

Climatic risks and insurance, a new way to look at reserving

The emergence of repeated and massive climate-related perils has put the insurance undertakings under pressure, with even questioning on the ability of the industry to ensure insurability of some risks as well as higher scrutiny of regulators and politicians. Undoubtedly part of the solution to limit the far-reaching impact of these risks, insurers need to proactively anticipate the needs for new data set, new tools as well as monitoring and modelling techniques. This workshop will tackle the developments in this new space through the various challenges identified to date.


Anthony Dault, Partner and Pavel Kostyuchenko, Partner - PwC Luxembourg

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