As the impact that business has in the environment grows, the world is turning to companies demanding for more corporate responsibility.

At PwC Luxembourg we’ve been working over the past few years to understand our own impact while acting on it, we care about the value chain of our products and services, but also for our clients and suppliers, about our carbon footprint and how to diminish it and now compromising to a net zero commitment. We do this not only because It is the right thing to do, but because we can’t thrive without the environment and we need to do our part to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals.  

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Valérie Arnold

Environmental impact

We are in the worst climate emergency humanity has ever seen. In 2015, we saw more than 190 countries commit to the Paris Agreement as a result of the COP21, this intended to reduce CO2 emissions in the atmosphere and combat climate change and global warming.

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What have we done so far?

Our mobility strategy has had different parts. We know that 55% of our employees mobilise around 32km per day, during 1h37 and this represents 72% of our carbon footprint. We’ve been tackling this problem over the years with the promotion of carpooling, public transportation, home base working and the use of more digital tools in order to avoid taking the airplane when possible.

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Responsible procurement

This fiscal year we had a procurement transformation journey, our purchasing department became a procurement department, this allows a centralization of our strategy and a better monitoring of the purchases we make and that they stand with our procurement values.

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