Julie Chaidron, Tax Partner

Meet new partner Julie Chaidron, who enjoys sports immensely, including tennis, running and sailing, a passion her father passed on to her. Not afraid to try new things, Julie took up skateboarding last year, something she always wanted to do but never dared to start. She also loves Italian architecture and Tuscany’s beautiful landscapes, often collecting postcards and images from her travels. 

Professionally, Julie has experience in different firms, having started her career in advisory before focusing on tax services. She knows how to strike a healthy work-life balance, enjoying the simplicity of spending time with family and friends and listening to chill music like jazz and acoustics.  

She started working at PwC in May 2021. She takes pride in having launched a new service offering related to Fund Administration for Alternatives at PwC Luxembourg. She is quick to emphasise the teamwork and effort involved. 

She finds herself interested in new technologies due to her work and personal life. For example, she stays ahead of her three children’s tech needs so it can be used in the smartest way for their education.

She believes in quality and resilience and knows how to keep calm and cool in complex situations. What ultimately drives her is the people aspect of her job—collaborating with colleagues, working for clients, and building strong relationships.

Julie Chaidron
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