Franck Pansera, Assurance Partner

Meet Franck Pansera, an epicure who enjoys cinema, music, fine dining and cocktails. In fact, not only does he consider himself a bit of a mixologist, following a friendly encounter with a server he even has a drink named after him.

His taste for the finer things does not stop there as he also has a passion for perfumes and fashion. And when asked his most cherished travel memory, he stated it was Mauritius, where he enjoyed the ocean, the beaches, and the local culture. 

People orientated, Franck highly values personal relationships and interactions, which he sees as driving factors behind the commitment to his career at PwC. In fact, Franck believes that communication, and the willingness and courage to address issues directly are huge contributors to a positive work environment. Franck’s experience at the firm carries many memorable moments of personal connections and interactions.

So it’s not that surprising that he expresses a mix of caution and curiosity towards new technologies, particularly artificial intelligence.

Franck Pansera
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