Cécile Moser, Assurance Partner

Meet Cécile Moser, who has worked at PwC since 2006, and is an avid reader and collector of books. Not picky when it comes to genre, she will read anything from crime novels to books on personal development. She has a natural curiosity, and one thing that piques her interest are the wonders of the cosmos, astronomical phenomena and the origin of the Universe—how it all began. Perhaps she ponders the stars while running, which she also loves. 

Favourite memories for her include Madeira (island of Portugal), having particularly enjoyed its landscapes, flowers and food. She also fondly recalls her first days at PwC, which in retrospect had a lightness about them.

Not overly techy, perhaps a little old-school, Cécile is motivated by people and their collaboration. 

In fact, she feels strongly about the advantages of diverse teams and the need for inclusivity of all kinds.

From her long history with PwC, Cécile has learned that individual and collective successes are intertwined. Finally, her journey to partner was a transformation from staff member, and because of this she values teamwork and mentorship, and is an advocate for diversity and inclusion.

Cecile Moser
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