PwC's Accelerator

Accelerating companies in complex growth regions

We build capacities that enable innovative, fast growing companies to go global faster and smarter. 

PwC's Accelerator provides an international market growth platform that enables businesses, financial institutions, large corporations and the public sector to design and execute customised, responsive and resilient programmes that accelerate businesses for growth, market access and international expansion. Our geographical coverage includes Europe, North America, Asia, the Middle East and Africa.

Businesses must build new capacities to successfully navigate their growth amidst constant change. The rapid progress of emerging technologies and economic, environmental and social transformation creates new opportunities for business on an almost daily basis. But complexities arising these trends also bring forth new challenges for today’s CEOs, and the support of a leading professional services firm is critical to the success of your growth plan. This is where we can help.

Our experience includes operating the world's largest international trade programme, supporting over 3000 companies in exporting to complex growth markets as well as attracting foreign direct investment.

Is your growth plan resilient to change? Are you ready to address new opportunities?

Service offers

Access to clients and markets

Our expertise and presence in complex growth markets and emerging industries enables us to identify high potential sectors with strong market opportunities. Our global growth platform and tools provide a sound basis for defining priority markets, and ensure product to market fit.

Access to finance and capital

We work closely with investors and financial institutions to develop their investment portfolios. We've developed benchmarks and key performance indicators for investment-readiness, including our international markets readiness model - a tried-and-tested method for international expansion.

Access to talent and people

Our solutions allow you to access a global network of experts and influencers, with cross-functional skills and competencies that are tailored to your needs. Upskilling is a concrete outcome of our recent work towards developing the workforce of the future and we can also help you upskill your people, whether on a specific track or to do business in specific regions.

Access to enabling services

We provide businesses quick access and worldwide coverage to specialised teams that can carry out enabling services such as valuation, tax structuring, corporate set-up and operations, legal and IT services, implementing the most up-to-date international best practices.

Corporate governance will be a key compliance requirement in the nearby future. Our solid experience in helping companies establish a corporate governance model aligned with international benchmarks will not only enable the quick analysis of gaps, it will also increase the company’s value proposition for potential business.

Creating value

We have a strong track record and a proven methodology based on international best practices to help high potential businesses accelerate globally, on a large scale. We enable new solutions to meet the challenges faster and have deep expertise in new and next generation technologies.

Our work with governments, large corporates, financial institutions and the public sector has led to the design and implementation of innovative business acceleration programmes. We pioneered a new generation of trade and export acceleration programmes with concrete outcomes for the wider society - economic development, stability, new jobs and growth.

So far, our track record includes opening over 25,000 qualified international leads for businesses, through tailored matchmaking.

We work closely with relevant, strategic and influential stakeholders from different innovation ecosystems, from investors and academic and research institutions, to clusters and innovative businesses, allowing us to develop new solutions and frameworks that help businesses adapt and grow.


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