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We are in the midst of one of the most important periods of change in the workplace: we all know that our world will be shaped by technology and we realise that individuals will have to be creative and innovative for companies to succeed.

In our study "The competing forces shaping 2030", we asked 10,000 people (working, unemployed, retired and students split evenly between China, Germany, India, the UK and the US) how they envisioned the workforce of the future. Just over half of people globally believe they have STEM skills (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths).

In 2017, in our 20th Global CEO Survey, we asked around 1,380 CEOs about skills - which skills were important and which were hard to find. Soft skills were in high demand: problem-solving, creativity and innovation, leadership, and adaptability were identified as today's skills battleground.

We are currently studying new workplace trends to support this workforce transition and help banks navigate in this fast-moving environment.

  • Banks can access our online remuneration tool (REMchannel) for a fair and accurate comparison of their salary data in Luxembourg with key market players.
  • With the new regulatory framework, we help banks analyse, review and manage their current policies and procedures linked to the new Directives (MiFID II, CRD IV, etc.).
  • We can provide an objective assessment of the current and future competencies of your employees and we can help banks in their selection process via our recruitment database, which contains around 3,000 positions.
  • We can also help banks reshape and remodel their current workforce and operate a cultural transition to support digitisation through internal mobility programmes, transformation projects and change-management support.

Workforce of the future : Key messages for leaders

Workforce of the future : Key messages for leaders
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