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SAP services

SAP's technology, whether it's SAP Finance, S/4HANA, cloud ERP or their many other offerings, can streamline your company's processes and redefine efficiency.

With years of experience supporting implementation of SAP's products and co-innovating on new ways to use their technologies, PwC can enable these solutions to meet your business outcomes. Our deep industry know-how and comprehensive consulting capabilities, PwC can support you to choose and implement the right SAP applications, products and technologies for your organisation.

Areas of focus

Companies are collecting more data than ever before, but many don't know what to do with all that information. PwC can help. With years of experience managing enterprise data and supporting implementation of information-gathering tools, such as SAP’s S/4HANA, PwC can develop a data programme that meets your business needs.

Most companies are digital these days, and the ones that haven't yet embraced the cloud, social media and mobility should soon to do. PwC has worked on numerous technological transformations. With SAP's robust suite of solutions, PwC can bring a digital mindset across your organisation.

Is it time to take your company into the cloud? Cloud-based technology is often nimbler, more intuitive and easier for staff to navigate than the cumbersome legacy systems so many businesses still employ. With SAP’s cloud-based offerings, such as its S/4HANA Cloud platform, PwC can help drive better outcomes for your business.

Digital transformation is for most employees, including chief financial officers (CFOs) who need to keep track of large amounts of sensitive data. Using SAP's S/4HANA, among other cloud-based solutions, PwC can help improve the real-time delivery of finance services, improve business performance monitoring, help CFOs better execute on company strategy and more.

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