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PwC and Microsoft deliver better business outcome

Unlocking, harnessing and accelerating your digital transformation requires an aligned, holistic and strategic approach to technological business evolution.

The PwC’s business-led strategies combined to Microsoft's technology-enabled solutions allows you to meet your business goals quickly while maintaining a realistic budget. With more than 1,600 certified specialists worldwide and thanks to a strong global and local partnership with Microsoft, PwC is your best bet to accompany you in your digital transformation.

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Are you leveraging your technology - PwC Microsoft

The PwC-Microsoft Alliance

Innovate and evolve your business with strategic PwC business process solutions, powered by Microsoft.

Working in close collaboration, PwC and Microsoft help their customers benefit from alignment of PwC's advisory experience in advancing strategic business objectives with Microsoft’s proven technologies and applications.

Area of focus

Bringing your front and back office into a more digital environment is key to ongoing success. By implementing solutions – such as Dynamics 365 suite - companies of all sizes can lower costs, increase collaboration among employees and improve the customer experience. PwC has the consulting teams to help transform nearly everything, including HR, finance, supply chains and marketing.
D365 includes not only ERP end CRM solutions such as D365 FO (formally AX), D365 BC (Formally NAV) but also no less than 30 other integrated modules ranging from HR recruitment to e Commerce and Field services. And of course with full native integration with O365, Power BI and AZURE.

  • Understand, align, and manage your extended business ecosystem
  • Replace increasingly outdated and ineffective ERP and CRM systems
  • Transform static models into new, dynamic, and evolving capabilities
  • Identify clear and achievable paths based on specific and unique business needs
  • Leverage and extend existing ERP, CRM, and other technology investments
  • Implement integrated, extensible, agile solutions that inform and drive competitive advantage

Many companies are undergoing a major cultural shift in their workforce, with millennials wanting different things from their employer than previous generations. PwC and Microsoft have come together as a powerful combination of consulting know-how and sophisticated tools, including Microsoft 365, which can boost collaboration, enhance productivity, improve teamwork and help create the right culture for today’s workforce.

  • Bring together people, process, and technology
  • Increase transparency and customization
  • Improve efficiency and consistency
  • Attract, energize, and empower new talent and capabilities
  • Expand reach, connection, and influence in new and evolving markets
  • Harvest the potential power of data, analytics, and culture
  • Stimulate innovation and business evolution

Most mission-critical programs, such as enterprise resource management and customer relationship management software are now entirely cloud-based. Yet, many Operations are still using clunky legacy systems that are costly to maintain. Using Microsoft Azure's portfolio of cloud-based products, PwC can help bring your organization's most important solutions into a digital environment. Deployments can be done securely in one of the 54 datacentres available or soon to be opened by Microsoft.

  • Adopt the cloud to transform IT and scale and streamline operations
  • Enable IT to more effectively drive business growth
  • Improve disaster and recovery to reduce overall IT risk
  • Create new products and services to generate additional revenue
  • Improve business processes and increase company adoption
  • Reduce costs with quicker deployment and upgrade times

Data is quickly becoming a company's most important asset. With PwC helping businesses understand what they should measure and Microsoft providing the technology, including Microsoft PowerBI and Cortana Intelligence Suite (AI), you'll have the tools you need to create actionable insights

  • Maximize the impact for acquiring, growing, and retaining customers
  • Learn more about customers to improve products and services
  • Optimize deals and customer lifetime value (CLV)
  • Better navigate risks and regulatory complexities
  • Improve data and document governance
  • Enhance performance management and create unique customer experiences

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Hackers can be a big threat to business, which is why protecting your valuable company and customer information is critical. PwC and Microsoft can help you manage who gets access to what data and oversee encryption and cloud application security, among other cybersecurity needs.

  • Achieve authorized access at any time, from anywhere, by key stakeholders
  • Create robust data protection programs
  • Classify, monitor, and protect data
  • Extend identity and access management to cloud-based applications
  • Improve visibility across your enterprise and enhance the ability to manage risk and compliance
  • Optimize security spend through the rationalization of cybersecurity toolsets, licensing, and staffing

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Traditional ways for governing information were not designed for the digital era. With PwC and Microsoft, companies marry policy and strategy perspectives with technology, including Microsoft Office 365 Advanced Data Governance and eDiscovery, so you can meet all your governance goals.

  • Understanding the data you have and the data you need to develop or acquire - and what you need to create a solid foundation and drive data based insights.
  • Organising that data. After you understand and procure the right data, you need to streamline, organise and integrate it - which typically involves data in the cloud, data lakes, and other emerging data storage and integration technologies.
  • Building trust in the data. It needs to be transparent and secure, with good data governance, data quality and data cleansing processes in place.

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