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Customer & Employee experience

Better employee experience (EX) is key to better consumer experience (CX)

Companies often turn to technology in their quest to provide a better consumer experience, but human beings can be just as important.

To achieve sustainable customer and employee experience, we help you become experiential with a structured approach based on Design Thinking methodology.


Understand current experiences, user behaviors, needs expectations and set-up priorities


Build prototype of a MVP, test and validate it with users right away to save development costs


Ideate and co-create targeted user experience. Prioritize functionalities to define scope for the MVP


Build MVP based on the testing feedback, deploy the solution, test frequently to create user-proof platform

Customer Experience

Your challenges
  • How are the needs of your customers changing?
  • How can you improve your clients' experience?

We provide the framework to take your clients to the next level. To create an unique experience for them, we first examine their demands and needs, as well as your business to see where the opportunities and constraints are in the marketplace. We'll work together with you during the entire process to reduce subjectivity and make sure that the new experience is led by both the customers' and your company's needs. Our mission is to help you improve people's lives.

"Give customers a great experience (both digital and physical) and they'll buy more, be more loyal and share their experience with friends and colleagues."

We propose you the following solutions:

  • Design thinking
  • Journey mapping
  • Prototyping & concept visualisation
  • User experience and user interface
  • Work shadowing to better understand your employees pain points
  • Personas design
  • Co-creation/ Ideation workshops
  • Design Thinking Trainings
  • Target / Ideal Experiences
  • Service blueprints

Employee Experience

Your challenges
  • How can you raise your people's awareness about digital?
  • How can you build a culture of collaboration and innovation?
  • How does digitalisation affect your work environment?

New digital trends are emerging and have an impact on your company. You need to be prepared and adapt to these changes. We help you to raise the awareness of your employees on new digital trends and their impact on the company and their daily lives.

We organise digital boot camps in which we alternate presentations, demonstrations, videos and working groups. By actively involving your employees in the working groups, we help them become aware of the digital trends and educate them for a better use of digital capabilities.

We help you inspire your people.

We propose you the following solutions:

"Engaged, empowered employees are a critical element to create engaged, happy customers."

  • Digital bootcamp
  • Training of employees and leadership
  • Awareness
  • Education
  • Talent & culture
  • Business mentoring

We follow 6 principles when working with our clients to transform their customer and employee experience

Putting people at the center

People are at the heart of all our reflections. We make sure to adopt a user-centric process in all our projects in order to design relevant experiences.

Being empathetic

We put ourselves in the place of your users in order to understand their needs, theirs expectations, their painpoints, as well as their decision-making mechanics.

Working together
Working together

We make it a point of honor to first and foremost understand your needs, in order to accompany you as best as possible in your projects.

Being observant

We keep an eye on best practices and market trends in order to always find new sources of inspiration.

Generating ideas

We constantly challenge our own ideas. We open the field of possibilities as much as possible in order to submit you novel solutions.

Convincing and federating

To best accompagny you, we have at heart to convey the spirit of design and to involve all protagonists and decision makers in the process.


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