• Listening to our People
    Allow our People to have a say in the sustainable growth of the firm.
  • Upskilling our People
    Includes training on sustainability core behaviours: values, DNI, ESG, health/ mental health and other.
  • Inclusion and Diversity (I&D)
    5% annual increase of gender diversity for each management level to achieve a 40-60 gender balance.
  • Pay equality
    Pay equality, including Partners in the gender pay gap.
  • Health and wellbeing
    Boosting mental health & work engagement while preventing & minimising burnout.
Our People are a key success factor in building a prosperous future at PwC Luxembourg. 
With 3,100 employees from 85 countries1, we are the largest professional services firm in the country. A strong workforce that is thriving and healthy is important for our growth. By contributing our energy and resources to enable a more diverse and thriving workforce, we provide our clients with the best service outcomes and continue to create long-term value.
As we adapt to a new normal, the pandemic continues to impact the health of our People. Furthermore, maintaining pay equality while strengthening our diversity and inclusion efforts continues to take centre stage. We have set new ambitions specifically focused on monitoring our bias, closing the gender pay gap, supporting the LGBT+ community and providing training for our People to enable prosperous outcomes. The firm’s ambition is to create a diverse and inclusive environment that encourages career advancement and engagement for all our People.

1. Data for the number of employees and current country affiliation was last updated in June and August 2022.

Our 13 Ambitions cannot be achieved without our Peoples’ support and commitment. The annual Global People Survey (GPS) is the cornerstone of our PwC Continuous Listening Programme, providing the firm with important insights and perceptions from our People. This year’s motto was ‘Your voice. Our action’ and encouraged our People to give feedback on the issues most important to them. The intention of the campaign was to allow all of our People to have a say in the sustainable growth of the firm. The survey yielded a stunning 83% participation rate, up 2% from 2021.

We continue to make significant improvements in the Behaviour Change (+19%), Inclusion and Diversity (+12%), Leadership Effectiveness (+8%), and Reward and Recognition (+12%) categories. We still see some areas where we need to make more effort, for example in our Learning & Development offer (satisfaction rate: 59% in 2022 vs. 71% in 2019). 

To work on this dimension, and in addition to the efforts made on the upskilling of our people we created a soft skills training catalogue aiming to help them achieve their professional goals and career aspirations.  

Future-proofing our firm for the uncertainties of tomorrow begins with preparing our People for the transition. Upskilling through active learning and development programmes was a major focus in FY22. We have invested heavily in training our workforce, focusing on ESG-specific skills as well as digital transformation skills that are fundamental to preparing ourselves and our clients for the future business transition.

We have complemented these technical skills with client management and business acumen dimensions.

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For another year, Inclusion & Diversity (I&D) was driven by the following: to encourage the right behaviours to nurture an inclusive culture and inspire our People to be their truest selves.

During FY22, we translated this into a series of actions that form part of our strategic plan. We are happy to spotlight the ones which really matter to our People according to the GPS survey, namely:

  • focusing through a gender lens across our talent cycle

  • nurturing awareness among our People about the inclusive mindset across all the dimensions of diversity  

  • supporting the LGBT+ community and promoting an allies’ esprit de corps.

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A prosperous future is rooted in supporting the mental health of our People and creating healthy work engagements that prevent and minimise health impairments, such as burnout. Burnout from heavy workloads and external events like the pandemic continue to affect around 1% of the workforce.

However, it is not the only challenge we have. The pandemic multiplied digital and home-based interactions, which have led to difficulties in keeping community bonds and maintaining a sense of belonging. Our ambition is also to take new actions to monitor items like the wellbeing, level of stress and absenteeism of our People with an eye on making our workforce a mentally healthy one. This year, we will launch an updated health and wellbeing strategy along with an accountability framework focusing on concrete preventing and correcting actions.

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