Inclusion & Diversity (I&D)

For another year, Inclusion & Diversity (I&D) was driven by the following: to encourage the right behaviours to nurture an inclusive culture and inspire our People to be their truest selves.

During FY22, we translated this into a series of actions that form part of our strategic plan. We are happy to spotlight the ones which really matter to our People according to the GPS survey, namely:

  • focusing through a gender lens across our talent cycle
  • nurturing awareness among our People about the inclusive mindset across all the dimensions of diversity  
  • supporting the LGBT+ community and promoting an allies’ esprit de corps.
diversity and inclusion

The GPS report provides us with an I&D index that stands at 72%, a great improvement compared to last year’s 60%. This means that 72% of our People believe we have an inclusive and diverse work environment and culture. 

The index is determined by four items that capture the various dimensions of diversity and show the progression and the areas that we still need to work on in terms of I&D. One of the highlights of this survey is that 74% of our People are satisfied with actions that the leadership team has taken to build a diverse and inclusive work environment (+5% compared to the previous figures).

Even if the overall results are positive, we still have to take actions to reduce the gender diversity gap by management level in order to reach a 40-60 balance - this is one of our 13 Ambitions.

Our actions

In FY22, we continued to apply a data-driven approach and implemented a promotion dashboard, deployed during our promotion decision process.

Looking through the dashboard this year, we see that we have an overall ratio of 55 % men and 45 % women at the firm. Furthermore, 21% of the women and 26% of the men, out of the employees that were eligible for the evaluation cycle, were promoted to the next grade. This translates to a total of 564 individuals promoted throughout the firm. Even though the ratio in promotions varies by small percentages (between 3% and 9%, to the detriment of women), we still see that for certain positions, like senior manager (10% of women against 22% of men), the gap continues to exist. We could say that while the tool is doing its job by minimising the gaps in promotions, we note that the biases take refuge in the highest positions and demand more continuous action to eliminate them.

Health checking our remuneration in terms of gender equity is a commitment we began several years ago. Every two years we perform a granular gender pay gap analysis using Logib, the Minister of Equality between Men and Women's standard analysis tool, enabling employers to conduct their own equal-pay analysis.

This year, the analysis indicates that the gender pay gap, i.e. differences in salaries, has increased from -0.3% to -1%. It is not a massive trend but we are focusing on actions to contain and reverse this evolution.

To put these results in perspective, the 2021 edition Eurostat report shows that in 2020, women’s gross hourly earnings were on average -13% below those of men in the EU. The smallest gender pay gap was measured in Luxembourg (-0.7%).

*when minus, it is to the detriment of women

We continue to enthusiastically support our internal and greater community with various events throughout the year.

  • International Men’s Day: we celebrated International Men’s Day for the third time with a virtual panel. The topic of this year was ‘Better relations between men and women’ and the conference was streamed to 200 people. The idea behind this celebration is to improve gender relations and promote gender equality, so this day is truly about supporting both genders.

  • International Women's Day: this year's edition welcomed many events within our doors. First we recognised the efforts of our support group ‘Women and Men Committee at PwC’ through an informative session where they presented their achievements and their programme for progressing in terms of equality in our firm. 

  • Diversity Day: this particular event aims at celebrating the diversity of our firm’s people and invites us to experience another great angle of our diversity: nationalities and ethnic origins through culinary art. An incredible cake contest displayed the skills of 16 pastry chefs who offered delicious treats to more than 200 testers who happily left their desks to enjoy a delicious moment on 12 May 2022. They elected three happy winners who took some prizes home.

  • Pride EMEA Month 2022: was celebrated for the third consecutive year, and the whole month of June was dedicated to raising awareness of the LGBT+ community’s challenges and how we can make a more inclusive workplace. The speeches and sessions were grouped into everyday actions that can have positive impacts: how we think, how we speak and how we act. As a national action, PwC Luxembourg was a sponsor for the first time of the Luxembourg Pride Parade 2022 on the 9 July and participated in the pride march with a group of employees.

Another action in terms of awareness, we launched two new states of the art I&D training:

  • Inclusive Mindset Badge: A PwC global network initiative that our firm helped create and develop. We want our People to acquire new competencies and soft skills that can help lead to a more inclusive workplace. This certification programme covers topics such as biases, microaggressions, allyship and more.

  • Shining through our diversity: A LGBT+ dedicated training where our People can discover the world of LGBTQAI (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, questioning, intersex, asexual and agender), learn the meaning of each of these letters and open the door to the world of inclusiveness. This training explains why it is important to talk about this topic at the workplace, why we need allies and how to become one.

We are thankful to our People for embracing their role in I&D and recognising that it matters for all of us.

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