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A prosperous future is rooted in supporting the mental health of our People and creating healthy work engagements that prevent and minimise health impairments, such as burnout. Burnout from heavy workloads and external events like the pandemic continue to affect around 1% of the workforce.

However, it is not the only challenge we have. The pandemic multiplied digital and home-based interactions, which have led to difficulties in keeping community bonds and maintaining a sense of belonging. Our ambition is also to take new actions to monitor items like the well-being, level of stress and absenteeism of our People with an eye on making our workforce a mentally healthy one. This year, we will launch an updated health and well-being strategy along with an accountability framework focusing on concrete preventing and correcting actions.

The Well-being and Flexibility Index derived from the GPS sheds insight into the topic of our People’s well-being. This year we have seen a significant increase (more than 5%) in our Well-being and Flexibility index, meaning our flexibility measures and programmes provided to our People are unique in the market

Every year, we work with the Luxembourgish Association Pour la Santé au Travail du Secteur Financier (ASTF) to identify the number of burnout cases. In the past year, we registered 11 cases between January and the end of June 2022, compared with 18 cases throughout 2021. We can indeed forecast a slight increase in burnout by the end of the year. In the last year, we saw sick leave rise, almost back to the 2019 level. 

Although we entered a new normal of our People returning back to the office, the pandemic continues to impact both physical and mental health. This is why flexible work and wellness programmes directed towards pandemic adaptation are essential to a prosperous future.

Be Well, Work Well

The PwC Global Be Well, Work Well programme continues to be implemented in Luxembourg to create a vision and actions for our People’s well-being. It is a locally tailored pragmatic and solution-driven programme offering a range of concrete tools, actions and objectives to ensure that well-being is implemented in our work culture.  

Under this programme, one of the pilot actions supports the ambition to make well-being a centerpiece of our sustainability efforts and work. It aims to ensure a supportive working environment through regular workforce coaching sessions with external senior coaches, helping our People overcome specific challenges. The pilot was open to Managing Directors, Directors, Senior Managers and Managers and has supported 80 individuals in coaching sessions totaling between 3 and 13 hours in 2022. Employee development and growth are also supported through ongoing training and skilling programmes. All of these ambitions and programmes are essential in meeting our 13 Ambitions and supporting a thriving workforce. 

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