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2022, the year of ESG acceleration

In the past 12 months, the Sustainable Finance and Sustainability Framework of the EU has gained in content and sophistication. The early adoption standards such as Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation (SFDR) have triggered a first, relatively generic, change in the investor disclosures, but already a major change in the competitive environment: the market trend towards ESG products now materialises and is very likely to reach the approx. 60% AuM level that we predicted for 2025, much earlier.

2022 will likely be a watershed moment in the EU’s ESG regulatory calendar. Starting from the 1st of January, we will see the EU Taxonomy for climate change mitigation and climate change adaptation coming into force. During the rest of the year the implementation of amendments to MiFID II, UCITS/AIFMD, IDD and Solvency II, as well as the application of the RTS ‘Single Rulebook’ (Level 2) will follow.

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PwC Sustainability Program 2022 – The year of ESG acceleration

EMEA ESG Webinar; ESG and Sustainable Finance Disclosure Requirements (SFDR);

Insurance / Banking ESG Risk & EBA/ECB guidelines

PwC ESG Spring Week, ESG and Target Market in MiFID: Investors' Sustainability Preferences

ESG and Target Market in MiFID, Taxonomy screening/alignment; SFDR 2(17) alignment definition & PAIs

EMEA ESG Webinar; Sustainable Finance Forum

MiFID sustainability preferences (+IDD); Digital client experience; Data management

PAI Reporting, EET & CSRD

Sustainable Finance Forum; Nachhaltigkeitsforum;

Assurance ESG Data Solution

Sustainable Finance Forum

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2021, the year of the ESG business change

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