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PwC Luxembourg Real Estate and Infrastructure Team comprises more than 250 experts at your service.

Since the early nineties, Luxembourg has developed to become a place for international real estate investments. At the beginning of the success story, real estate investments have been organised using unregulated legal entities. Over the time the real estate investment funds have become more popular and the reform of the specialised investment fund act in 2007 has marked a starting point for a new dimension of growth.

Here at PwC Luxembourg, we have grown alongside the market. With over 2,450 professionals at your service, PwC Luxembourg is not only the largest professional services in the country, but also a centre of excellence for investment and real estate management within the PwC Network. Our Real Estate and Infrastructure Team comprises more than 250 experts composed of auditors, accountants, tax advisors and engineers, of which 35 are partners and directors, all working together to serve all types of real estate and infrastructure companies set up in Luxembourg. With over 55 nationalities, you are sure to find the right experienced team speaking your language.

Such a magnitude of expertise is unique for such a small country. PwC Luxembourg is an active member of local and European professional associations (ALFI, INREV, EPRA, etc.) and is represented with the Luxembourg financial regulator (CSSF) in a range of Asset Management committees. Our team also participates in a number of key regional and EU wide real estate working groups and committees. We know what's happening in real estate and infrastructure, and we have lots to share with you.

More exposure to more clients means that we’ve got lots of valuable experience to share with our clients. But, you are not alone, and you can benefit from the past experiences and lessons learned of others in this maturing sector.

Take advantage of our knowledge and experience - we know what you're looking for.

Amaury Evrard
Real Estate and Infrastructure Leader


Amaury Evrard

Amaury Evrard
Audit Partner
Real Estate and
Infrastructure Group

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