Audit & Assurance Services

Our Assurance group provides assurance on the financial performance and operations of your business. We can also help your business improve its external financial reporting and adapt to new regulatory requirements such as Sarbanes-Oxley and International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS).
In Luxembourg, PwC is the leading professional services firm employing around 960 professionals in its Audit & Assurance Services.
Our audit clients include all major Luxembourg based firms as well as numerous small and medium-sized enterprises. PwC is also the leading service provider to the Luxembourg and European Public Sector.
In every case, the PwC audit is underpinned by our deep industry knowledge, wide international experience, and global network of skilled professionals. PwC' Assurance group can also help your organization report externally on non-financial information, strengthen its corporate governance procedures, and achieve social and economic goals related to corporate sustainability.

Statutory and contractual Audits

We provide assurance services to organizations that must submit to an independent audit to comply with statutory or regulatory requirements. Our statutory audit provides assurance on the truth and fairness of an organization's financial information; advice on controls and processing system weaknesses; confirmation of accounting treatments with respect to complex transactions; and specifically addresses any other regulatory reporting requirements such as those under Sarbanes-Oxley S404.

Independent Controls & Process Assurance

For organisations that require an independent evaluation of their business processes and related controls, PwC provides: overall evaluation of management controls; assurance on business processes, systems, data and technology management; risk management solutions; and traditional third party assurance. Our services enable you to gain comfort that your systems, processes and risk management procedures are operating effectively and within a well-controlled environment.

Assurance on Capital Market Transactions

PwC can provide detailed advice to companies that want to raise debt or equity capital in international capital markets. Our services range from assistance in selecting the right capital market and establishing the right team of advisers, to advising on compliance with national regulations and listing rules, to preparing a business to operate as a public company. Our advice is tailored according to the size and nature of your company and its familiarity with the international capital markets.

Internal Audit

PwC can assist organizations in improving their internal audit function. We do this in several ways: by measuring the effectiveness of existing internal audit processes and advising on the development of enhanced internal audit methodologies; providing full or partial internal audit outsourcing solutions; supporting the internal audit function with advanced software tools; and delivering tailored training programs for internal auditors.

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