Welcome to Luxembourg, your unique gateway to European markets!

With a proven focus on providing experience and infrastructure to service the Asset and Wealth Management sector, Luxembourg is set to benefit from the current period of transformation. More particularly, Luxembourg is well-positioned to leverage on the increase in cross-border activity, both in terms of investment and distribution, and to play a central role. The Grand Duchy also has the key attributes necessary to become the leading global AIF (Alternative Investment Fund) platform as it did with UCITS, and to thereby help alternative fund managers and institutional investors turn AIF regulations into an advantage rather than a burden.

As the largest professional services firm serving the asset and wealth management industry globally and in Luxembourg, we have unparalleled knowledge and the expertise to help you understand, evaluate and manage the critical issues impacting your strategy in serving the important investor needs towards 2020. Our multidisciplinary Luxembourg team covers all aspects of the Asset and Wealth Management industry and you can benefit from their broad experience and knowledge, together with the support of our international network.


What's new?


UCITS share class - new key focus area for management companies

Within the same fund, the UCITS framework allows the creation of investment compartments having their own investment strategy. In a recent opinion ESMA developed some guidance putting once again regulatory compliance at the top of boardroom agendas. Read more

Spotlight on Transfer Pricing

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Fresh thinking for times of change

Change - huge, seismic, global change - is inevitable. The important point is how you, as an asset manager, respond and adapt to it. 
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Asset & Wealth Management in Germany

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European Asset and Wealth Management Conference 2016

PwC held on 10 & 11 November 2016 its bespoke event "European Asset and Wealth Management Conference", gathering together key fund industry experts from around the globe. Discover more

Spotlight on Permanent Establishment

Any business activity conducted outside the residence country could potentially be deemed to constitute a Permanent Establishment. How concerned are Management Companies with regards to Permanent Establishment? Discover more

Luxembourg, Alternative Investment Vehicles

Focus on Luxembourg, the next location of choice for your investment vehicle. Why is it the biggest domicile for investment funds in Europe? Read more

PwC 3W

Your watch app for asset management regulatory and distribution topics! Discover more

Today's and Tomorrow's Distribution Market

Buying patterns - both in terms of investor trends and geographies - are changing, and asset management needs to keep pace. Read more

Luxembourg: The EU's leading fund distribution centre

Luxembourg continues to push the innovation agenda for asset managers and investors. Read more

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