Bookkeeping for holding companies in Luxembourg

Holding companies make up an important place in the Luxembourg economy. They often use complex financial instruments and are involved in operations for which the accounting treatment often requires a deep analysis. The diversity of options foreseen by the accounting law allows for flexibility for companies, but also raises numerous questions.

Mastering these options and the accounting law is a major challenge for accounting professionals, especially considering the various legislative changes recently brought into force which add a further layer of complexity to the rules previously laid out.

Price: 650.00 €


Language: English, also available in French

Number of participants: max. 20


By the end of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Identify the regulatory provisions applicable to holding companies;
  • Define the practical implications of the various options offered by the law;
  • Identify and record financial instruments;
  • Identify the financial information requirements;
  • Understand the latest developments impacting holding companies.


The regulatory framework

  • Common legal forms for holdings
  • Accounting framework
  • Consolidation requirements
  • Central Bank of Luxembourg reporting

The accounting treatment of financial instruments

  • Financial assets
  • Financial liabilities and equity
  • Specific instruments

The accounting treatment of certain specific transactions

  • Accounts in foreign currencies
  • Re-invoicing
  • Contractual conditions
  • Price adjustments and earn out clauses

The financial information requirements

  • Notes to the accounts
  • Abridged notes to the accounts
  • Disclosure of capital related rights
  • Disclosure of off balance sheet commitments
  • Disclosure of related party transactions

Target audience

  • Members of accounting departments
  • Accountants, accounting staff and fiduciary staff
  • Internal and external auditors
  • Financial controllers
  • Financial analysts

Our lead experts

This training is coordinated by Alexandre Leleux, Partner in the accounting and tax compliance practice of PwC Luxembourg and Damien Brunet, Senior Manager in the Accounting Technical Team, in charge of the Luxembourg GAAP trainings.

The training will be presented by experts in the accounting field.

Alexandre is a partner of our ECF practice, active in the accounting and tax compliance of International Tax Structures, Operational companies, Real Estate and Private Equity sector. He has over 16 years of experience in audit and accounting.
His primary area of expertise is the preparation of financial statement under Lux GAAP, conversion from GAAP to GAAP and preparing various reporting (CSSF, BCL,...) to ensure the accounting compliance of operational companies, management companies and international and private equity structures.
He is also the head of the Lux GAAP technical team of PwC Luxembourg advising multinational clients on the accounting queries from tax, audit and advisory departments of PwC Luxembourg and other PwC offices.
He is also member of the editorial Board of ACE, an accounting, tax and audit professional magazine in Luxembourg.

Damien is a Senior Manager in the accounting and tax compliance practice of PwC Luxembourg and the coordinator of the Luxembourg Technical Accounting Group where he deals on a day to day basis with complex LuxGAAP transactions. He is also responsible of the eAccounts solution, a PwC’s online tool for the preparation and filing of annual accounts. He is Certified Chartered Accountant in Luxembourg and Chartered Accountant in France. He is also the President of the training’s Commission at the OEC.

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