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Even in the best circumstances, businesses that take on transformations face obstacles to success.

Transformation is not easy. It takes time, resources, talent and risk. However, it is essential. Across industries, competition is increasing, emerging technology is setting new standards and customers are expecting personalised experiences, services and products.

Many approaches can stall transformation or fail short capturing the issues. The same old processes and issue-based approaches no longer provide advantages, especially in a fast changing and complex environment. A comprehensive approach is key to success.

Introducing BXT

Innovative solutions are born from looking at problems with a diversity of perspective. Our BXT strives to find the intersection of:

  • Business - Viability
  • eXperience - Usability
  • Technology - Feasibility

We apply the philosophy to drive transformation performance, BXT Business eXperience & Technology, in a way that drives innovation and meets business objectives. The BXT philosophy, a fluid, tailored approach to solving business challenges, which can be very specific or at company level.

BXT changes the way we work, think & drive transformation by:

  • Achieving alignment on day one,
  • Leveraging diverse perspectives to gain new ideas,
  • Taking strategies from abstract to executable.

The BXT philosophy pushes us to rethink the way we operate and provides new tools we can use to reimagine the future. BXT means that together, combining complementary skillsets, we can drive successful transformation. this philosophy is combined with specific techniques such as Design Thinking.

Pwc Experience Center

"With the Experience Center, PwC is proposing an inclusive approach to help its clients with their transformation. By involving the clients' stakeholders with our experts, we inspire and develop a collaborative environment in which the user experience drives technology to achieve business transformation. " -  Edouard Nollet, Experience Center responsible


We strive to understand the underlying problem through observation, engagement and empathising with users in order to gain insight on their experience and motivations. Furthermore, we immerse ourselves in analogue world too so that we better understand the context in which issues arise.


Building on the empathy, we synthesise core observations and make a problem statement in a human centered way. Together we collect ideas for features, functionalities, and any insight that will help us solve the problem and ask the right questions.


Time to put markers in hands and post it notes on the wall. After having understood our users and defined the problem, now we can start to think outside of the box. Gathering many ideas and problem solutions ultimately yields a feasible solution.


Creating scaled down versions of the product or service rapidly serves to explore the problem solutions. Whether analogue or digital, prototypes are meant to be tested and iterated upon. As they mature, designers gather insights on how they are used and the perspective they bring.


Gathering the feedback around the product or service is an iterative process. At each step, users provide their opinion on the new or existing functionalities, offering direction for further development.


Most successful companies are unlocking the power of its people
  • Power of network

Our people bring their agility and big ideas to the table. We combine creative vision and strategic insight to bring meaningful change to our clients, all with the local and international experience through a human centred approach that makes all the difference. Relying on the strength of PwC network, experts across all fields contribute to success of the projects within the Experience Center.

  • Knowledge to transform

Whether we are designing unique customer experiences that can help regain a company's competitive edge or deploying new digital assets to increase efficiencies in the supply chain, we bring together elements of your business to drive results across your whole organisation.

  • Trust to deliver

Our team of experienced software developers, architects and engineers brings innovative solutions to life. The passion to build digital solutions that are beautiful from the inside and the outside with unprecedented agility allows us to exceed our customer expectations and create winning products.


Step out of your comfort zone

A safe space for you and your team to explore and test new ideas

Designing and developing a new product or service requires creativity, and some space to think clearly. At the Experience Center, we offer unique and modular environments that promote collaboration, teamwork, and enable efficient ideation or problem solving activities. Step in the ‘sandbox' and generate new ideas in the wild. Alternatively, discuss your current findings in one of the ‘war rooms' or dive deeper with ‘immersion room'. Test new solutions in the ‘Tech Labs'.

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Gregory Weber

Gregory Weber

Experience Center Leader, PwC Luxembourg

Patrice Witz

Patrice Witz

Technology & Digital Leader, PwC Luxembourg

Edouard Nollet

Edouard Nollet

Experience Center Senior Manager, PwC Luxembourg

Thomas Sun

Thomas Sun

Experience Center Lead Visual Designer, PwC Luxembourg