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The PwC Market Research Centre identifies and provides insights and analysis to asset managers, private banks, financial service providers, professional associations, and public and European Union institutions.

Our diverse research team consists of professionals representing numerous countries, fluent in a myriad of languages, and knowledgeable in a wide range of competencies. Our team is committed to delivering the highest quality of market research through an environment that fosters intellectual scrutiny and demonstrates an ongoing commitment to remain at the forefront of the industry. We deliver analytically driven insights on the asset management, banking, and insurance sectors and our work ranges from market entry studies and strategic planning, to impact assessments for the revision of European Union directives. Our investigative reports and qualitative and quantitative analysis help clients define strategies that work.

Our expertise around the world


  • Asset and Wealth Management Country Reports, in partnership with accelerando associates.
  • Performed an analysis of the life insurance markets in Portugal and Spain for the HNWI market. The reports covered the main market trends as well as forecasting Gross Written Premiums until 2025.
  • Conducted a peer-group benchmarking survey of European asset managers focusing on their operations relative to their UCITS funds range.
  • We assisted Luxembourg's Ministry of Finance in conducting a feasibility study providing background information on the development of the offshore RMB market and competitive landscape.
  • We examined the impact of FATCA and other current and upcoming schemes for the exchange of fiscal information on private banking in a variety of countries.

North America

  • Identified and discussed the major changes that are currently sweeping across the global financial landscape, both in the short term (regulatory, fiscal, political, and social pressures) and the long term (increased investor scrutiny, new regulations, and policy initiatives which will impact risk management practices going forward).
  • With FinTech continuing to influence the global financial system, we identified, based on global surveys, how financial institutions are reacting to the rise and FinTech and how they are able to leverage the ecosystem it creates and turn the innovation to their advantage.
  • We examined the growth of Sovereign Investors (Sovereign Wealth Funds and Large Public Pension Funds) in terms of numbers, size, variety, and scope.

Latin America

We performed a study providing more clarity on the investment practices of leading global pension funds, in particular identifying growth trends in asset allocation, governance models, regulations, and drivers of change.


  • We performed a market entry study for asset managers in the region looking to enter an overseas region.
  • In light of the further internationalisation of the Renminbi, we performed a study comparing the various cross-border Renminbi centres.


  • We identified the specific changes that are taking place in the African Asset Management industry. By providing forecasts for the future we provided asset managers in the region with the knowledge they need to plan for the future.
  • By performing a survey of the African banking industry, we examined the current and future growth drivers, competitive landscape, and what industry actors believe the future holds for banking on the continent.

"Providing insights that help you adapt your business strategy to take advantage of market challenges"

Dariush Yazdani, Partner, PwC Luxembourg

"Enabling navigation of your complex business decisions"

Xavier Domalain, Director, PwC Luxembourg

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