TRACK for Funds

PwC's digital solution for tax in the Asset and Wealth Management sector. 

TRACK for Funds is the brand new digital platform developed to assist you in your tax related matters. 

Built around a central platform, you have access to various apps designed to answer specific tax related issues. The platform benefits from the highest level of security and offers you a great user experience through a main webpage where all apps are accessible within one click.

Tailormade to each client preference, the catalogue of Apps presents all the universe of tools developed in collaboration with experts of the AWM industry which, picked collectively reinforce each other. We will support you all the way long so you can have the full flexibility and control over your dedicated platform.

You take care of the assets, we take care of the rest.


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Our platform is built around four pillars

Two client pillars

  • Collaborate
  • Insights

Two PwC pillars

  • Data hub
  • Calculate

Client pillars


Helps keep you and your teams informed and synchronised

Provides access to a centralised management repository where you can find your documents, check on your calendar for compliance deadlines, issue messages and view dashboards to monitor work in progress.

  • Dashboards and KPI reports;
  • Tasks and workflows.


Sheds light on tax-related data

Its algorithms sift through transaction and portfolio data to provide smart metrics and analytics and expose tax-related risks.

  • Tax libraries and regulatory updates;
  • Risk assessment.

PwC pillars

Data Hub

The central place to obtain and share real-time fund information

Up-to-date fund data exchange repository.

  • Daily connection with major fund administrators;
  • Single flow of information from you/your service providers to us.


Dedicated to the calculation and production of the service deliverable

Provides reporting tools and calculations adapted to specific local situations around the world that are flexible and quickly adaptable to regulatory change.

  • Handles big volumes and daily reporting;
  • Essential for oversight and strategic planning.

Focus on Collaborate & Insights apps

All your PwC Collaborate and Insight Apps are just one click away. Access your customised AWM tax workspace with a single login. Our global technology strategy aims to make our applications available, throughout the world, on the same platform. Over time, through continual investment, we will add new capabilities.

Highlights from today’s app universe. There is already much more, and we are constantly adding new apps on the platform. Stay tuned!

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