Investor Tax and Regulatory Reporting

In a complex tax and regulatory environment that changes constantly, our Global Tax and Compliance for funds (GTC) department assists asset managers to comply with fund tax and regulatory reporting requirements in Europe and abroad.

Fund reporting is key for a successful pan-European and global fund distribution

Navigating through the constantly evolving complex European tax and regulatory landscape is a challenge. Cross-border fund distribution calls for fulfilling different tax and regulatory reporting requirements. For many market players, meeting these reporting requirements is a hurdle to overcome to enter a new market.

Our GTC team is at your disposal to assist you in walking through this reporting journey.

Focus on your business

At every step of the fund’s lifecycle, our team is by your side. We support you when coping with reporting requirements, from the understanding of local reporting schemes and data management to the report itself that must be sent to the key stakeholders.

In a growing and more and more competitive market, we offer robust and efficient solutions for you to focus on core-activities while we take care of all your non-core responsibilities. By outsourcing them to PwC, you reduce compliance risk and inefficiencies adding value to your organisation in a cost-effective manner.

Our Global Offer

  • Pan-European investor tax reporting services;
  • Regulatory reporting services;
  • Individual or bundled service packages;
  • Centralised coordination of the PwC network working on your tax reporting;
  • Experts at your disposal on technical matters and domestic specificities;
  • Analysis on market practices and market insights.


PwC's digital solutions for tax and regulatory reporting in the Asset and Wealth Management sector

PwC has developed several digital solutions to assist you in your tax and regulatory reporting related matters in Europe and abroad, from the data management to the report dissemination to the end user.

Our digital solutions provide you with access to various tools designed to answer specific tax related issues, in all the fund lifecycle. All our products benefit from the highest level of security and offer you a great user experience through different modules such as task management, approval functions, dashboards and communication interfaces.

Our response to your challenges

  • Diversity of the European reporting landscape: Each country has its own tax regulation with rules that greatly vary from one to another. The specificities of investment-related local reporting require sound knowledge of the local market and is regulations.

  • Luxembourg Coordination Center: Over more than 15 years, the GTC team has developed a strong  investor reporting expertise in Europe and abroad. Our unique one-stop-shop solution allows you to access Any reporting regime you need with your relationship manager.

  • Complexity: You want to focus on your core activities in an environment that grows in complexity. The local rules are complex and constantly evolving. It requires deep expertise in the regulation and data management capability.

  • Expertise: With PwC’s Luxembourg center of excellence, you benefit from the support of multi-competency experts who assist you along your tax and regulatory reporting journey, at every step of the fund lifecycle.

  • Costs: You want to ensure an efficient and robust investor tax and/or regulatory reporting process.

  • Efficiency: Our fully integrated solutions for tax and non-tax reporting give you access to a set of technologies enabling a robust, cost-efficient and seamless reporting process from data management to complex calculation and final reporting.

  • Risk mitigation: You want to mitigate risks of noncompliance with local (tax) regulations and meet increasing transparency requirements.

  • Quality and market insights: We offer a best-in-class service and ensure reporting quality. By bringing you knowledge and local market insights, and by identifying key risk factors, you can mitigate risks wherever they are and focus on your core business.

Our Approach toward reporting

We have developed a six-stage approach supported by our digital solutions to provide a clear and concise framework for investor reporting services:

The scope is constantly evolving: several sub-funds with multiple share classes, different countries of distribution and various types of investors. Maintaining the scope of reporting up-to-date is a difficult task. Our approach towards the scope covers:

  • The maintenance of the scope and reporting requirements for each fun in each jurisdiction. This is key to mitigating your risks and that of your investors.
  •  A centralised list of the scope of share classes in each jurisdiction, maintained in the Collaborate applications.
  • The centralisation of the scope, reducing the duplication of your efforts and that of your administrators.

Leveraging our experience in the fund industry, our reporting framework applies a risk-based approach that balances efficiency while minimising risk exposure.

This approach starts with  the understanding of your key risks in each of the relevant jurisdictions.

For each jurisdiction, using our market knowledge, we have identified what PwC considers as the key risks for you - in light of your reputational risk and your investors’ risks - the complexity of reporting regimes and what is needed to interact with supervisory bodies.

When gathering data for reporting purposes, be it tax or regulatory, obtaining accurate, relevant and consistent data is fundamental for you, your administrator and PwC. The administrator’s data for all of your funds will be collected and shared centrally through our Data Hubs.

Based on the fund data, our specialists in each jurisdiction will prepare the reporting in accordance with the local regulation and technical requirements, taking into consideration the initial risk assessment phase, complex tax adjustments and relevant considerations that require specific attention or interpretation.

PwC will apply the agreed approach to your reporting via its Calculate tools.

We perform analytical checks to ensure the consistency of the results against our expectations, based on our knowledge of the fund and the peer group. We analyse and explain to you all the identified gaps.

Our end-to-end support includes:

  • Standardised reports to investors, regulatory and tax authorities;
  • Tailored reports providing you with oversight, including agreed metrics and KPIs via our Insights applications;
  • Reporting to third party data providers on your behalf;
  • Ad hoc queries handled by our specialists providing you with market insights and local expertise.


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Oliver Weber

Tax Partner, PwC Luxembourg

Tel: +352 49 48 48 3175

Christian Heinz

Tax Partner, Global Tax Compliance Leader, PwC Luxembourg

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