PwC ESG Spring Week - 18-21 April 2023

We gladly organise our 2nd ESG Spring Week from 18-21 April 2023 where we will host a series of online events focusing on sustainable finance and sustainability topics both for financial industry players as well as corporates.

PwC ESG Spring week 2023



18 April

19 April

20 April

21 April

9-11 am CET

Sustainable Finance Forum

PwC ESG Tools


Sustainability Conference

4.30-6 pm CET

Insurance ESG Forum


Sustainable Banking Forum


In the following sections you will find the details of each event. 

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Sustainable Finance Events

Sustainable Finance Forum: 18 April - 9-11 am CET

Our experts will shed some light on the impacts for companies when it comes to the non-financial reporting obligations. We will also discuss the challenges of properly accessing and managing data during ESG due diligences. Tax matters are rarely mentioned when we speak about ESG but gain in importance; we will share thoughts and insights on how tax matters are likely to evolve and take a key role in ESG topics. Last, our research team will introduce its latest report on ESG matters for Private asset. As usual, we will conduct our Sustainability Market Pulse survey before the Forum and share key results during the event. As previously,  the Forum will embrace considerations relevant for Banks, Insurance companies and Investment Fund Managers. 

Insurance ESG Forum: 18 April - 4.30-6 pm CET

During this session, our insurance experts will be joined by market practitioners involved in ESG and sustainable finance topics in their daily tasks. After having reflected on the status and achievements made on the SFDR front, as well as the remaining challenges and interpretative matters, we will take a look at some strategic takeaways from our recent PwC EMEA Insurance ESG White Paper and what it entails from a Luxembourg perspective. The session will close with a discussion panel that will bring together the life and non-life markets on some common challenges they face regarding ESG (climate, investments, Solvency 2 revision, governance...) and a Q&A session.

PwC ESG Tools: 19 April - 9-11 am CET

We’ve developed several ESG-related tools to help you being efficient in collecting ESG data, in assessing them and in supporting your reporting obligations. But do you know all these solutions? A dedicated session will introduce the different tools, being the ESG Reporting tool, PAI pro, ESG Risk Assessment tool, ESG Data Compass and a few more giving you a sneak preview of what’s in it for you.

Nachhaltigkeitsforum: 20 April - 9-11 am CET

Unsere Experten besprechen die Auswirkungen der nichtfinanziellen Berichtspflichten für CFOs. Wir werden auch die Datenlage und die ESG-Due-Diligence besprechen. Steuern werden selten erwähnt, wenn wir über ESG sprechen, gewinnen aber zunehmend an Bedeutung. Unser Research-Team stellt derzeit einen Bericht über ESG for Alternatives fertig, den wir vorstellen werden. 

Wie üblich werden wir auch unsere Sustainability Market Pulse-Umfrage durchführen und die Ergebnisse teilen. Wie in früheren Foren konzentrieren wir uns auf die verschiedenen Blickwinkel unserer Branche, einschließlich Banken, Versicherungen, Vermögensverwalter und AIFMs.

Sustainable Banking Forum: 20 April - 4.30-6 pm CET

As the impact of climate related and environmental (CR&E) risks become increasingly evident, competent authorities have started to tighten their stance on banks’ management of CR&E risk exposures. Banks should have started making this their priority, and proactively incorporate CR&E risk into their business strategies, governance and risk management frameworks. This will allow them to mitigate and disclose such risks, while complying with corresponding regulatory requirements.

Addressing risks stemming from CR&E risks will without a doubt be one of the main challenges for banks and supervisors in the years to come and therefore, it is important to start now to identify these challenges and develop means to address them. Join us for our Sustainable Banking Forum to deep dive on the topic and get the views of market players.

Events for financial and non-financial corporates

Sustainability Conference: 21 April - 9-11 am CET

During this conference, we will shed some light on ESG readiness of the Luxembourg market, the sustainability reporting requirements including the CSRD operational challenges and the first set of Draft European Sustainability Reporting Standards (ESRS). 

What does it mean concretely in terms of Disclosures Requirements, transformation strategy including Value Chain impacts and Data quality applicable to financial and non-financial corporates?


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