Customer Transformation

How do you future-proof your front office against the certainty of uncertain change?

PwC's portfolio of Customer Transformation solutions rethinks the way people connect, transact and engage with your company.

We offer a modernised service platform that delivers a connected, customer-centric experience through seamless engagement. Our pre-built technology and innovative assets help you build customer loyalty, drive growth, increase productivity, and inspire and engage your workforce.

Customer Transformation

Disruption surrounds you. Time to take control with PwC's Customer Transformation solutions.

Your challenges

Organisations have little option but to run the gauntlet of change that regulation, pressure to optimise cost and new market entrants are creating. Customer expectations, on top of that, are also changing, with an increasing demand for digital-enabled experiences. This fact is adding even more pressure for businesses to transform. The rapid shift to cloud, and the emergence of Fintech ecosystems, have lowered the barriers that prevented this change. The Salesforce platform in particular is accelerating the pace of innovation with integrated omni-channel, machine learning and analytics capabilities. The opportunities these technologies present to organisations to transform their distribution, marketing and service functions across every customer touchpoint, are significant, but require a customer-led, agile approach to design, implementation and change delivery.

For years, many customers have viewed their financial lives from afar. Digital technology has accentuated this with visions of call centers and automated processing. It's a problem, particularly for an industry that sells trust and relationships as core values.

your challenges
  • What if digital actually enabled a more human approach?
  • What if it helped us make better decisions, big and small, and 
  • What if this happened in real time, and not just periodically when we sit down with an advisor?

From a customer's perspective, buying a home involves much more than taking out a mortgage and this logic extends to many life decisions. Whether we’re going to school, starting a family, selecting a vacation spot or just deciding whether to purchase a new phone, we want information on our terms, without boundaries. But to whom do we turn for help? At the same time, digital technology can strengthen relationships and let businesses see what their customers value most. And, by working with others, firms can use this information to make things easier for customers, no matter what they’re buying, from research to payment and beyond.

Key challenges for financial sector clients in Luxembourg centre around modernising technology stacks to take advantage of growth opportunities, and understanding and developing customer relationships - especially in light of COVID-19 severely curtailing opportunities for direct contact. Strengthening the effectiveness of digital channels has therefore gained a huge importance, and it will likely be a strong differentiating factor between those who perform more successfully -or less- in the upcoming years.

Our solutions

Interacting with clients, employees and partners has never been easier thanks to the omnipresence of digital technologies. But in today's fast-paced digital world, investing in technology isn't enough. Putting people at the centre of digital transformation initiatives is critical so that companies can create excitement for new ways of working and ultimately meet their unique customer needs, business processes and governance mandates to foster a competitive advantage.

Sales & Marketing Excellence, a tech-enabled service

PwC's Sales & Marketing Excellence, a certified Salesforce FullForce, end-to-end solution from initial inquiry-to-order. All on one single platform, this accelerator provides real-time access to data at any stage of the inquiry-to-order process to improve customer satisfaction and share of wallet.

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Service Excellence

A holistic solution with digital enablement, Service Excellence helps clients transform how they deliver services to their customers. It enables them to build customer loyalty, leveraging consistent communication and interaction throughout the customer lifecycle and across all channels, while increasing revenue and reducing cost to serve.

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OneBank, a tech-enabled service

A certified Salesforce Fullforce Solution, PwC’s OneBank Solution helps relationship managers and consumer bankers understand their clients and book of business in a way they could not before. At its core is Customer 360, which uses proactive alerts, analytics and tailored insight into the needs of their clients and relationships.

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Trust Creation & Security, a tech-enabled service

Our Trust Creation & Security solution provides a suite of security and automated control solutions that improve customer satisfaction, build trust and support compliance to consumer protection and financial regulations. Interactive dashboards help users identify risk threats, pinpoint where to take action and give peace of mind to stakeholders.

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Amplifier, A PwC Product

Amplifier, part of PwC Adoption Central, is an intelligent adoption solution that impacts your whole organisation, making sure that you get the most out of your digital transformations. Why? Because enterprise technologies such as CRM, ERP and HCM are only as good as the people using them.

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Change Navigator, A PwC Product

PwC Change Navigator, part of PwC Adoption Central, is a digital workbench that enables change teams to collaboratively analyse your organisation’s change environment, identify the impact, create a best-fit change plan and track progress against key rollout metrics.

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Customer Link Platform

Learn what matters most to your customers and anticipate their needs using PwC’s Customer Link Platform. Identify high-value targets, grow wall share and serve your customers on their preferred channel. From data to insight, CLP builds the facts that create results.

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Discover how PwC Luxembourg is helping its clients on Customer Transformation

Customer experience - the biggest banking innovation category in Luxembourg (source: Banking in Luxembourg: Trends & Figures 2020) - is the primary differentiator in the industry. Adding or improving mobile apps, chatbots and the overall omnichannel customer experience are the top priorities of banks in Luxembourg. In line with the latter, there is a particular focus on customer experience through employee experience and broader digital transformation. Furthermore, there are several use cases that show how traditional front office tools boost an organisations' data (management/usage/analysis).

The problem

As a member firm of a global network, PwC Luxembourg aligned with PwC's global strategy and started enacting a cultural change. Information related to interactions with clients, new opportunities and pipeline overview were not always stored in the right place or shared with the right people. It was necessary–given our global network–  to have a tool not only for Luxembourg, but for the whole PwC network, to collaborate on business development and improve our understanding of, and focus on, our clients. 

How we framed the problem

Our first step was to study the strengths and weaknesses of our previous CRM and its interactions with other systems involved in the engagement process (e.g. compliance, AML, invoicing). It was also important to understand how relationships with our customers were being built and maintained, and how important information was shared among teams. Once this had been assessed, we conducted a thorough Gap Analysis to identify the key points of difference between our previous CRM and Salesforce, which formed the basis for our change management effort. Salesforce necessitated a significant cultural shift toward transparency and data-driven decision making, and it was crucial for us to be mindful of this throughout the process given the complexity and breadth of sales activities in a services firm like ours. We developed the firm’s largest internal change management campaign yet, an end-to-end effort addressing training, communication, user engagement and adoption across all parts of our firm. Promoting this cultural change, and emphasising its benefits, were key to our users not only adopting the tool, but being able to really exploit the power of Salesforce to change the way we work beyond just deploying a new tool. 

How we deployed our assets

Thanks to the experience gained deploying Salesforce in other territories of the PwC network, we had the chance to benefit from the guidance and support of people who had already been on the journey. We leveraged the knowledge of territories that had already been live on Salesforce for several years, gaining insight on best practices, as well as potential implementation issues and how to overcome them. PwC experts trained our local teams to assure the best quality of support to all new Luxembourg users.  

How we worked with the client

Months before go-live, a first group of users was trained on Salesforce and briefed on our adoption strategy, the training aspects of which followed the "Train the Trainer" approach. The Salesforce project team created a library of support material (e.g. dedicated website, e-learning programme, virtual ‘Survival Kit’) to help users understand all Salesforce processes and interactions with existing PwC systems. We also tailored our training by audience, with a white-glove one-on-one coaching programme for senior management and specific sessions for certain teams (e.g. marketing, event organisation) in recognition of the different functionalities they were likely to need. A Salesforce support team remains available to address any issues and answer any questions our users. 

The result we delivered

Thanks to the implementation of Salesforce, users at PwC Luxembourg now have a clear, real-time overview of their pipeline, they communicate easily with their teams and they do not need to worry about missing any information since everything is stored in one place. They are able to keep track of what is happening across the different areas of their clients’ businesses, as well as at other PwC territories, and - most importantly - we are now more customer-centric than ever before. 

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The problem

Our client, a large bank operating in the retail, corporate, institutional and private banking spaces, approached us for help to improve their capabilities with regard to CRM. Whilst they had an existing CRM tool developed in-house, it was reaching the limits of its functionality and, being used by a single business unit, it did not provide a holistic view across the entire business. The client also wanted to make use of a modern functionality to increase productivity and efficiency and limit redundancies.

How we framed the problem

PwC analysed the client's existing CRM tool and the ways it was used within the business, mapping the processes for each line of business and looking for opportunities to make improvements. We then identified all the client/employee touch points as part of the customer journey in order to understand all of the ways the bank's employees interact with clients. This enabled the creation of a capability map to pinpoint both the pain points associated with the current process and CRM, and the capabilities we would need from a new tool to address them. 

How we deployed our assets

Whilst we have a strong financial services consulting practice here in Luxembourg, there were specific points for which we called on experts from across our network in order to benefit from insights gained on similar banking assignments. We were also able to leverage knowledge and information gained from other ongoing assignments with the client to ensure we had the full picture, which enabled us to move faster toward a solution. 

How we worked with the client

We worked collaboratively in a cross-functional team with employees from both PwC and the client. In addition to mapping the current state and customer journeys, we also held demonstrations of two best-in-class CRM solutions in order for the client’s employees, who would be affected by any change to the existing setup, to see what the future could look like. This provided us and the client with good insights regarding the vendor selection process as well as allowing us to set a baseline early on against which all future change management, adoption and enablement efforts could be measured.

The result we delivered

The project is ongoing with the client in the process of making a decision on whether to proceed with a new greenfield implementation and, if so, of which solution or whether to invest further in their existing tool. Regardless of the choice they take, it is clear that the work which has been done so far helping them to understand what their current capabilities are vis-a-vis the capabilities they will need in the future has been invaluable. 

The problem

Our client, an entity of a large worldwide insurance group, was the first company in the wider group to implement Salesforce, with the objective of increasing productivity and providing a stronger, omnichannel offering to customers. 

How we framed the problem

We worked with the client's team to frame the problem, identifying their sales and marketing departments as the ones in need of increased productivity and efficiency. The first step was for us to develop a deep understanding of their business in order to better understand how to approach the task.For that, we engaged with employees from the sales and marketing departments, and decided, as a result, that the client required a  new sales structure, a new operating model, and a marketing channel strategy.

How we deployed our assets

Our continuous analysis of the clients’ situation led us to deploy our assets effectively. 

For the Sales team, we framed the data privacy and data protection designs, prepared regulatory filings and managed the approval dialogue with local authorities. Also, we supported the entire business analysis, solution design, and testing process, which in particular helped with user experience optimisation and design of innovative functionalities.

Regarding the marketing department, we assessed the existing process documentation and conducted interviews with the team, which helped us map the current pain points over a 4 day workshop. We aligned the expectations of the marketing team in order to allow the recommendation of steps through which they could improve their omnichannel marketing abilities. 

How we worked with the client

We had a close relationship with the client, which we developed over time through the process of identifying the issues they faced, using a series of interviews with the Sales and Marketing departments to better understand the situations and pain points, and finally, with the organisation of the 4 Day Workshop. Furthermore, we had regular touchpoints with the client, and kept a clear communication with the regulatory authorities to properly design all data privacy issues and data protection.

The result we delivered

Over about four months’ time, we implemented the desired CRM and selected functionalities tailored to the needs of the client. The result enabled the sales department to create highly intuitive and self-explanatory solutions . In addition, we developed the prototype of a platform that could be leveraged for other client touchpoints (i.e. service, claims handling), and provided a baseline for the addition of further functionalities in the future.

The problem

Our client, a prominent NGO in Luxembourg, was already using Salesforce but required support to migrate to the Lightning interface, improve processes and streamline their platform. Their pain points related to specific functionalities they required, as well as to user training, and they were keen to realise the full potential of their investment in Salesforce. 

How we framed the problem

PwC assessed the current Salesforce implementation versus the best practice and versus the original requirements. To understand which functionality is required, it is necessary to study the involved processes and the pain points of FDL.

How we deployed our assets

Following an analysis of the current state, PwC proposed solutions largely built on out-of-the box functionality to minimise complexity and cost, and executed the transition to Lightning Experience (Salesforce’s latest user interface). 

How we worked with the client

We deployed a small, focused team for this assignment which worked closely with the three key stakeholders on the client side. A strong working relationship and modern, digital toolset meant that even with the changing COVID-19 related restrictions throughout the project, we were able to collaborate closely throughout the project. 

The result we delivered

With the support of PwC, our client was able to enhance communication both with its customers and internally, with information centralised and user-autonomy much improved thanks to expert training provided. Lastly, through the minimisation of custom development and maintenance, the client was able to realise a cost reduction. 

Our differentiator

We use PwC's BXT philosophy to ensure diverse perspectives -covering Business, eXperience, and Technology- are considered throughout our work, in recognition of the fact that technology deployments often fail to achieve their business objectives without sufficient focus on the experience of the end user. In our specially designed Experience Centre in Luxembourg, companies and organisations can explore the impacts that digital transformation can have for their customers and employees.

BXT Approach

Based on your strategic agenda we bring together experts from various angles/disciplines. Whether they are strategy or transformational specialists, customer experience designers, data analysts, cyber security experts or tech consultants. They work seamlessly together with you, from strategy to execution.

That's what we call our BXT approach: a combination of Business, eXperience and Technology.

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Our Tech Alliances 

Growing your business in today's disrupted and ever-changing world can be though. Customers are demanding faster, more personalised user experiences. Business processes that once were cumbersome can now be automated. Operational efficiency has become paramount.

Your business transformation needs are why we've developed strong alliances with a number of technology firms. By combining PwC's expertise and our Alliance partners' technology, we can help you solve your most critical business issues. Whatever your focus - moving to the Cloud, greater innovation, or business transformation- PwC and our Alliance partners are here to help.

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