Commercial & Industrial Companies

According to leading international competitiveness analyses, Luxembourg is generally ranked among the top competitive countries in the world for doing business.

Aside from a multitude of small and medium sized "local" enterprises (i.e. SMEs) and "local" multinational companies - like Arcelor, SES or Cargolux - many industrial groups have a presence in Luxembourg through production facilities, research and development activities, logistics activities or even their European headquarters.

However, in a small country with a large financial sector, it is sometimes difficult for them (and especially for SMEs) to find the right services tailored to their industry.

Our Solution

At PwC, we have noted that all commercial & industrial companies, whatever the sector of industry, have more than 70% of common constraints (30% being linked to each specific business). Therefore, a couple of years ago, we put together a group of professionals (in audit, tax, advisory, IT, accounting and compliance) who focus on the non financial sector. Our professionals leverage their own experience and provide solutions tailored to the particularities of the sector.

Today, we provide a wide range of specialised services, including:

Thanks to our wide range of services and our highly qualified professionals covering all aspects of the commercial & industrial companies Industry, we are currently serving 31 of the top 50 commercial & industrial companies in Luxembourg.

We are always looking to improve the quality of our services and, in an environment where risks are increasing, we are implementing a new approach based on the Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) concept. This approach has two objectives: first, continue to strengthen the link between our services and the issues or risks entrepreneurs are facing and second, improve our understanding of our clients' needs.