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Risk management vendors solutions

Regulatory Reporting, Risk Measurement, Stress Testing, Operational Risk, Data Management... complex tasks that are time consuming, costly, and resource draining.

PwC Vendor Solutions is there to help.

Through expert knowledge and additional support from a network of deep relationships with reputable vendors, PwC Luxembourg can support you with tailor-made solutions from a broad service suite.

Service Suite

PwC has developed various thematic solutions and project models to assist you in the following areas:
Regulatory Reporting

Expert knowledge of regulatory reporting, developed through the audit of our banking clients and on-site regulatory reporting assistance, allows our team to challenge your reporting and ease the entire reporting process, ensuring you reach and maintain your compliance objectives.

Risk  Measurement

Ensuring you establish and maintain appropriate infrastructure and governance models for your risk measurement, is of paramount importance. We assist you in identifying and capturing all required data to develop and/or improve your risk models, covering credit risk, market risk, liquidity risk,operational risk, as well as others.

Stress Testing

PwC Luxembourg has the necessary experience and knowledge in executing across all components of capital planning, risk management and stress testing projects. We have the capabilities to successfully support your bank in preparing, executing and improving each stage of the stress testing life cycle. 

Operational Risk

Whilst previously considered as less important, recent events have shown that operational risk can be extremely harmful to a company. We have developed sound expertise in operational risk management, to support you in every aspect, from vendor selection to configuration and solution implementation, we will support your bank to perfectly manage, monitor and mitigate operational risks across your entire company.  

Data management

PwC can assist you in conducting quality reviews of risk management data and reporting. We have the capabilities and expertise to support you in the development and enhancement of effective risk data aggregation and in the identification and selection of data sourcing options.

PwC Solutions

Our proposition

Through strong collaboration with the most reputable vendors on the market, PwC Luxembourg has developed deep relationships and knowledge of each individual solution. Whatever the issue, we can assist in identifying the right  solution to meet all your requirements, by selecting the most suitable tool to support you - from selection to implementation and go-live.

PwC is focused on the future - we will help you stay ahead of the regulatory wave, and assist you in navigating the course forward in times of upheaval. 

Once the appropriate solution has been chosen, we can develop plans to support the entire implementation, parametrisation, testing and go-live processes.

Once you have selected your required vendor solution, you will need support to manage the implementation project. Our dedicated team has the requisite  experience and knowledge necessary to assist in any IT implementation project management, and will ensure delivery of the project in a timely and efficient manner. You will benefit from our risk and regulatory expertise, supporting the entire implementation project, ensuring not only compliance, but also a finely tuned parametrisation of the selected tool, meeting all your requirements.

Once you have implemented a tool but need to ensure that all requirements are met, PwC can provide you with an independent opinion on the solution and tool, identifying the areas to be validated and/or remediated, including data quality, outsourcing, risk data aggregation, reporting, data privacy, cloud service and data ownership.

Our dedicated team closely monitors all regulations and will validate the compliance of your systems and operating models.

Our strengths

We have performed multiple projects, working with credit institutions of all sizes, including Systemically Important Institutions (O-SIBS and G-SIBS) and directly supervised institutions, located in Luxembourg and other EU countries.

How PwC can help  

Our experienced risk management professionals have assisted credit institutions for many years, in order to help them design and maintain the most efficient risk management models. PwC focuses on integrated risk management, including assisting with mapping, monitoring and managing all risks the business is facing. 

We can help you develop best practice governance, policies, systems, processes and methodologies, alongside our selected vendor tool - from both business and technology perspectives.

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Jean-Philippe Maes

Risk & Regulatory Partner, PwC Luxembourg

Tel: +352 49 48 48 2874

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