Your issues

Your organisation has suffered asset misappropriation in any form, including theft of cash or other assets, procurement fraud, expense or payroll fraud, loan or mortgage fraud, theft of trade secrets or diversion of revenues.

You need to respond to bribery and corruption claims (incl. Foreign Corrupt Practices Act breaches).

There is a suspicion of accounting fraud or manipulation and inappropriate or inadequate disclosure.

How we can help

Our fraud and investigations specialists combine investigative evidence gathering skills with technological tools to provide a range of investigative services.

Investigations need to be efficient and targeted. In a world of ever more data this is increasingly challenging. Our investigation services will enable you to find out what has really happened and support you to enforce your claims whilst also protecting your reputation.

Fraud investigation

We investigate the nature and extent of fraud or irregularity and any losses arising from it.

Assistance with regulatory disclosure

We identify and quantify any accounting misstatements and advise on changes to accounting or disclosures that may be required.

Litigation support

We help in providing the appropriate response to legal authorities. We produce factual and/or expert reports and other analyses in support of legal actions.

Corporate intelligence
We provide due diligence on third party individuals or companies globally using a wide variety of multilingual data sources (corporate information, litigation and sanctions data, social and other media, and other sources dependent on the locality and type of target).

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