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Your issues

You suspect that employees have undertaken fraudulent or corrupt actions and that they could delete (or have deleted) relevant information.

You want to analyse a large amount of electronic data.

You fear that an employee has sent crucial company information to a competitor.

You have had a cyber breach and want to understand the extent of your exposure.

How we can help

Imaging (securing) of electronic Evidence
Using specialised equipment and procedures approved for gathering electronic evidence. Ensuring legal proceedings are not negatively affected by the quality of the available evidence.

E-mail processing and analysis
Our specialised tools and techniques for dealing with high volumes of e-mail data make it possible for investigators to undertake a comprehensive analysis of potentially relevant emails.

Data mining and matching
Our data mining procedures allow us to track patterns of suspect transactions and identify organisations and individuals with inappropriate involvement.

Investigation support systems
Our investigation support systems (ISS) allow investigators, lawyers and other relevant parties to work with and review data without the need for complex data analysis skills and without the risk of damaging the underlying evidence.

Document analysis and transformation
Our document management tools allow us to turn papers into electronic photocopies and text files that can then be analysed using fuzzy search criteria to check for keywords or recurring patterns.

Computer Forensics and eDiscovery: Navigating litigation, investigations & crises in the digital age

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Computer Forensics and eDiscovery

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