ECB Priorities 2022

SSM priorities for 2022-2024

Despite the resilience of supervised institutions over the last year, the operating environment remains uncertain, as it continues to be shaped by the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. Against this background, ECB Banking Supervision, in cooperation with the national competent authorities, has set its strategic priorities for the next three years.

Banks emerge from the pandemic healthy
  • Full impact of the pandemic may only be felt in the medium term, after expiration of emergency aid;

  • Ensuring that bank sector stays resilient is crucial.

Effective digitalisation strategies and enhanced governance
  • The pandemic has exacerbated structural vulnerabilities of the banking sector;

  • Focused initiatives to address persisting deficiencies both in the area of digital transformation and in the steering capabilities of management bodies.

Emerging risks are tackled
  • Banks are being challenged by a number of emerging and evolving risks;

  • Necessity of proactive mitigation and monitoring of the situation.

Analysis of the priorities

Analysis of the priorities


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