Data Assurance

The increasingly complex technology architecture within companies and organisations, coupled with the heightened regulatory environment, has created a strong demand for Data Assurance services.

These services assist firms and organisations with:

  • improved testing techniques
  • developing of Risks/Controls/Compliance dashboards
  • design/implementing risk and compliance analysis techniques that help management, heads of department, compliance
    officers, control and audit functions to identify specific/unusual customers, cases, files or transactions on which they should focus their review.

Our Data Assurance team has in-depth industry and regulatory knowledge combined with extensive experience in data assurance and advanced data analytics.

Intelligent Sampling & Profiling

Using (multiple - complex) data to identify specific/unusual files where the auditor will focus its testing.

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Intelligent Process and control validation

Using data to validate controls and business rules over 100 % of the population.

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Quality check of information

Provide assurance on data quality/ integrity in business reports and in or between systems.

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Data Extractor Engineering

Assist customers in identifying meaningful data for control purposes and performing structured extracts.

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Risk /Control Executive Dashboard

Visual representation of (real-time) indicators about risks, controls and compliances (KRI, Breachs,…).

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Data Governance Framework Review

Assurance over your data framework to better manage, protect and exploit your business information.

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Business Profiling and Audit Intelligence

Using a set of process mining techniques to analyse "actual" processes in terms of compliance, controls, business risks (bottlenecks,…).

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Scenario Modelling

Using (multiple - complex) internal and external data to predict risk evolution or control deficiencies.

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