Operational Advisory

Operational advisory
Through our long-term experience in the Luxembourg market, we have built a team of highly skilled experts with deep technical and market knowledge who are dedicated to Alternative Investments within our different practice areas.

We help you review, improve and monitor the performance of your business operations to reduce costs and create a sustainable improvement of your services and processes.

Our solutions include:

Target Operating Model design

Has your tax or regulatory environment changed? Did your performance indicators highlight a low-performance in your processes? Does your IT environment indicate the existence of silos and little communication between systems? Do you need assistance in analysing your current operating model and designing new, efficient standards?

We will assist you with:

  • Performing an as-is analysis to obtain a 360° view of your current organisation, governance and processes;
  • Assessing your level of compliance and areas of improvement within your existing operating model by means of a health check;
  • Benchmarking your organisation against your peers;
  • Understanding of key drivers of change/challenges in the current operational environment and IT trends;
  • Identifying key threats and opportunities as well as main improvement areas;
  • Designing your target operating model including organisational framework, efficient and effective to-be processes and IT and data improvements.

Operations improvement and implementation

Have you identified a need for more efficient operations? Do you plan to improve your processes, systems and communication channels in specific parts or even your entire organisation?

We will assist you with:

  • Identifying improvement areas within your organization;
  • Addressing identified pain-points in design of to-be state covering (i) organisation, (ii) processes, (iii) communication and (iv) technology;
  • Ensuring that implementation of redesigned operations is fully supported by the required tools and enablers;
  • Assisting you and your people with change management to ensure that all stakeholders buy-in to the redesigned operations and are equipped with the required understanding and expertise to implement them;
  • Performing formal handover to make sure that newly designed operations work in practice, and enable fine-tuning.

Process digitalisation and automation

Are you looking to optimise your processes by automating highly manual and repetitive tasks? Do you want to achieve greater efficiency by targeting straight-through processing? Technologies have the potential to improve significantly operational efficiency and quality for you, your clients and other partners. We can work with you to help you identify process digitalisation and automation opportunities which will have a significant impact on your value chain and support their implementation and adoption.

We will assist you with:

  • Analysing and assessing current processes to support the identification of automation / digitalisation opportunities;
  • Mapping detailed business requirements (data flows, aggregation and calculation rules, report specifications, process workflows…) for process automation / digitalisation;
  • Designing to-be process map and user journey for proof-of-concept;
  • Evaluating potential IT solutions;
  • Setting-up and testing prototype for automation / digitalisation;
  • Coordinating iterative implementation of solution and managing successful adoption by end-users.

Risk management

Alternative investments players need to cope with critical risk management. Risk exposures develop and change rapidly. Players also face pressure from regulators and investors and the need to produce proper reporting.

Our team of experienced risk management professionals can help you set up your risk-monitoring framework by defining the key risk indicators. They will use appropriate methodologies and our dedicated technology and tools, while also supporting your team with best practices during reporting, and last but not least, by preparing risk reports using our web-based solutions, which are flexible and tailored to your needs.

Our credentials:

  • We have helped asset managers, from reviewing risk-management processes to fully implementing risk-management procedures;
  • We provide ongoing risk monitoring and implementation for major players, including UK, German and Swedish asset managers.

Service Provider selection

Are you looking to outsource certain functions or appoint third party providers to support you operations?  Do you require support in identifying potential service providers and evaluating their fit based on comprehensive selection criteria? Do you need assistance with onboarding a newly selected service provider?

We will assist you with:

  • Performing market research to identify service provider leaders;
  • Formulating high-level and detailed evaluation criteria in order to assess service providers across  different dimensions;
  • Developing RFP, soliciting and evaluating service provider responses;
  • Engaging service providers in presentations and operating models reviews;
  • Evaluating and scoring service provider fit with business and technology objectives and producing summary assessment to stakeholders;
  • Coordinating negotiations and onboarding;
  • Assisting with due diligence of selected provider.

Vendor selection

Are you looking for a software solution to support your business needs? Do you require assistance in identifying potential vendors and tools as well as evaluating their fit based on comprehensive selection criteria?

We will assist you with:

  • Performing market research to identify vendors;
  • Analyse your current IT architecture and legacy systems;
  • Formulating high-level and detailed evaluation criteria in order to assess vendors and their tools across  different dimensions;
  • Developing RFP, soliciting and evaluating vendor responses;
  • Engaging service providers in presentations and product demonstrations / use cases;
  • Evaluating and vendor fit with business and technology objectives and producing summary assessment to stakeholders;
  • Coordinating negotiations and onboarding.

Due Diligence services

We provide you with solid facts and our opinion on the merits of the deal, based on your decision criteria. Our work enables you to make a realistic and well-informed offer, or determine a realistic and achievable selling price. We also assist you in finding the most appropriate legal and tax structure and negotiating the best terms for the deal, based on a clear understanding of its opportunities and risks.

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We are facing a new era of low interest rates and the search for yield has created an increasingly competitive environment. Assets with long-term secured yields have become scarce due to the lack of supply. Identifying suitable targets in good time has become a paramount challenge for portfolio managers. In addition, increased interest in secondary markets and the emergence of alternative asset classes in the last few years provide new opportunities.

In order to navigate the changing landscape and to support you along the full life cycle of an asset, our Valuation practice will share with you its up-to-date and accurate view on the market thanks to its comprehensive set of data and market insights.

Our Services include:

  • Pre-deal and post-deal analysis
  • European market intelligence
  • Support in governance and oversight
    • Independent valuation reviews
    • Valuation guidance and best practices
    • AIFMD compliance and risk indicators
    • Training and workshops

Our credentials:

  • Over 1,000 international real-estate valuations reviewed annually;
  • Access to extensive market data: historical market-data sources from all real-estate sectors, as well as European market data focused on regional dynamics such as performance, historical trends and risk factors.

Integrated occupier solutions

Facility management can become a significant investment for a company if you are not organised and informed enough.

Our experienced Occupier Services team can share with you their best practices, as we are one of the largest occupiers in the Luxembourg market. You will benefit from what they have learned from operating PwC's own premises, and they will help you find the best solutions in this evolving environment, as well as optimising the technical and financial aspects of your facility-management processes.

They will guide you through all the steps, from defining the strategy, to selecting your premises and fitting it out, all the way through to using the facility.

Liquidation Services

To remain competitive, groups often decide to restructure and this could include liquidating some entities. At PwC Luxembourg, we are ready to assist you throughout the process, including the provision of a liquidator mandate. We can also help you find the easiest and most optimal way to liquidate any Luxembourg company including, when this is possible, the simplified liquidation process.

Managed Services

In the fast-moving global environment we all live and work in, focusing on your core business is increasingly a challenge in the financial industry, especially in the face of complex and ever-evolving regulations and the related data collection/aggregation/conversion from multiple sources. 

PwC can simplify and transform your daily life through our wide range of services and outsourcing solutions delivered by experts and leveraging on technology and efficient data management. Our goal is to offer you a working environment where interacting with and monitoring your delegates is easier than any previous experience. 

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