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Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG)

Businesses increasingly face stakeholders demanding greater accountability and transparency. Under pressing global concerns, and changing world needs, businesses realise that they need to adapt.

Businesses need to cater to responsible investors looking for ESG factors in their investment decisions. ESG investors screen investment opportunities from a non-financial point of view, and assess sustainability risks, transparency and disclosure on ESG compliance.

Alternative Investment firms engaged in responsible and ethical investments strategies sometimes encounter difficulties when demonstrating compliance to the highest standards of corporate responsibility governance, and its actual and potential contribution to the economy/society.

At PwC Luxembourg, our team of specialists can help ensure that your organisation thrives as an ethical and responsible entity by:

  • Helping you to create and and document ethical investment strategies;
  • Helping you develop KPIs to monitor the portfolio companies which directly link to value protections or creation, including pre-acquisition screening and post-acquisition compliance;
  • Helping you assess significant non-financial risks and opportunities through specific due diligence work;
  • Assisting you in the setup of the reporting framework to generate specific non-financial reports at the underlying asset, fund and asset manager level;
  • Demonstrating high levels of management accountability to investors, and the opportunity to add value in relation to any exit strategy.

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