Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG)

Our Sustainable Value Creation service offering addresses the many challenges business leaders in the alternative investment industry are facing.

Sustainable Value Creation Services for Alternatives

Alternative asset managers face a rapidly evolving industry driven by investor trends and increased regulatory complexity. Many regulators around the world are imposing new standards in terms of due diligence, transparency and sustainability risks. In addition to an increasing investor demand for ESG or sustainable-compliant products, alternative investment firms now realise the necessity to adapt for new opportunities and to mitigate their risks and impact.

How can you profit from these trends and create value for your business and your investors? How can we work together towards making the business and the financial industry resilient to one of this century’s most important challenges?

Sustainability is the topic on everyone’s lips. Your investors are asking for green products while your compliance team is discussing new directives and regulations to prevent greenwashing. With ESG moving up the agenda, alternative investment managers have reassessed the importance and the value of ESG for their business.

Only a few months ago, leaders were asking how to preserve value and comply with new regulations. Now, more and more actors are looking to create value and sustainable externalities for stakeholders and for the greater society.

Our Sustainable Value Creation Service offering addresses the many challenges business leaders in the alternative investment industry are facing.

A. How can you make your corporate and fund structure sustainable?  

Our team of specialists assists you in designing and implementing tools to create a future-proof business model and manage the ESG risks and impacts related to your operations. We identify two main questions:

1. How to consider and integrate the ESG risks & impact factors into your corporate approach

A robust ESG management system is key to considering the ESG risks of an entity level. At PwC, we have developed through our experience and market expertise a framework to tailor and implement an Environmental and Social Management Systems (ESMS). Our ESMS considers:

  • ESG Policy and processes drafting
  • ESG Risks Assessment & Appetite
  • ESG Monitoring and reporting advice
  • ESG Governance structure 
  • ESG Training and Coaching 
  • ESG Research & Analysis 

2. How to capture the sustainable premium for your business?

Value creation and strategy are intrinsically related. Our Sustainable Value Creation approach helps you review your corporate market positioning and strategic initiatives aligned to market developments.

Scheme of how to capture the sustainable premium for business

B. How to consider a target in the context of a transaction

We have developed a tailor-made approach that takes into account the full investment cycle, from the investment strategy to the acquisition and the exit. 

Our methodology is articulated in three steps:

ESG investment strategy: definition of the ESG positioning

Due diligence: assessment of the ESG risk & impact & action plan for mitigation

Sustainable Value Creation plan and execution

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