Operational Performance improvement for Financial Services

We help you review, improve and monitor the performance of your business operations to reduce costs and create a sustainable improvement of your services and processes. We address core business operations as well as the corporate functions.

Your challenges

  • Measure, increase and manage operational performance;
  • Eliminate all forms of waste (inventory, overproduction, waiting, motion, transportation handling, processing, defect correction);
  • Develop the 'new' role of the finance function;
  • Increase transparency;
  • Manage business performance;
  • Expand the role of the CFO;
  • Use business intelligence - appropriate financial and non-financial information to manage enterprise performance globally;
  • Create a data management infrastructure to support decision making;
  • Develop a consistent view of all data-driven business lines;
  • Choose the appropriate commercialisation strategy, pricing, CRM approach;
  • Use new social media;
  • Reduce complexity.

How we can help

Operational optimisation


We help you create value and improve bottom-line results by optimising your value-chain management & processes and eliminating all forms of waste.

Our solutions:

  • Cost & benefit analysis;
  • Process analysis & mapping;
  • Diagnosis of plants' operations;
  • Plant audit (identification of layout, material flow, logistics and overhead improvement levers);
  • Lean transformation.


Finance function effectiveness

We assist your CFO to enhance the structure of your finance function.

Our solutions:

  • Assessment of the effectiveness of the finance function;
  • Evaluation of the current finance operating model and service levels;
  • Proposition of a target model, identification of gaps and settings priorities for change.

Enterprise performance management

We help you manage your enterprise performance by using appropriate financial and non-financial information.

Our solutions:

  • Definition & implementation of KPIs - based on Strategic Review, e.g. Balanced scorecard;
  • Definition of BI support (IT systems);
  • Implementation of reporting improvement and measurement initiatives;
  • Integrated information sourcing (financial, operational, competitive and marketplace).

Data management

We help you create an efficient data management infrastructure to improve the monitoring of your activities and facilitate your decision making process.

Our solutions:

  • Design of a data-driven governance framework;
  • Implementation of data management processes;
  • Data standardisation;
  • Implementation of enterprise metadata architecture;
  • Definition of data management standards.

Sales & marketing / Pricing / CRM

We help you create a competitive advantage by choosing the appropriate commercialisation strategy, pricing approach and media channels.

Our solutions:

  • CRM, Dynamic CRM, CRM over the cloud;
  • New media marketing;
  • Mobile marketing;
  • Social marketing integration;
  • Key Account Management.

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