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Airline Customer Journey Benchmark

The Situation

A European airline wanted to assess and improve its Customer Relationship Management (CRM) strategy and put more focus on customer-centric experiences. Previous assessments placed their performance below other brands within the same “peer group” along key phases of the typically customer journey. To supplement internal assessments and to benefit from competitor best practices, the client wanted to benchmark consumer sentiment across its key competitors to highlight strategic strengths and weaknesses in their customer experience.

What we did

Our Digital Intelligence team collected all public customer comments/complaints online from social media to blogs and forums for the client brand and three of its highest performing competitors. The data was then segmented using NLP into various touchpoints along the customer journey: ticket purchasing, check-in, baggage, boarding, flight experience, etc. Sentiment analysis on the language used within each results was applied via artificial intelligence and deep learning and the results then visualized. The client was then able to clearly see current and historical trends in customer sentiment across brands and across the customer journey.


  • Strategic insights and recommendations based directly on consumers’ online comments;
  • Ability to assess and learn from and improve upon competitors’ strengths and weaknesses
  • Ability to directly intake customer views and sentiment in real time and instantaneously without the need of expensive surveys

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