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International Knowledge Index

The Situation

An international organisation wanted to assess and understand the gaps in country’s readiness and ability to cope and/or succeed with the demands of future technologies that may well define both the near and long-term future. To do this, they wanted to innovate traditional methodologies replacing data from national statistics agencies and publish a unique report, which was in itself "future ready".

What we did

Working together, we came up with an innovative methodology using real-time public data sources and advanced data analytics in order to quantify and measure knowledge within 20 countries and create a “real time index” of the future of knowledge. Based on the rationale that knowledge dissemination and “socialisation” are integral steps in the creation of new knowledge, we measured the amount and intensity of the current diffusion and discussion of specific types of “knowledge” (AI, Blockchain, etc.) within each country. This measure was then used as a proxy for that country’s potential capacity for future knowledge creation.


  • Development of an unique methodological approach based on alternative metrics;
  • Replacement of traditional statistics with fresh real-time data to build index
  • Enables country leaders, policymakers, and researchers to benchmark their performance and help accelerate further knowledge development

Contact us

Benedikt Jonas

Director, PwC Luxembourg

Tel: +352 62133 61 02

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