How Agile are companies in Luxembourg?

How Agile are companies in Luxembourg

PwC Luxembourg and the Project Management Institute (PMI) Luxembourg Chapter have been collaborating for more than seven years to support the project management profession. After the success of the first survey conducted in 2017, we decided to join forces once again for a second edition of the survey on Agile in Luxembourg companies.

Agile is a mindset. It is increasingly used to achieve concrete results from projects earlier and this enhances collaboration and innovation.

The survey shows several interesting improvements in the adoption of Agile, which is gaining greater visibility at all levels of organisations and is no longer considered an experimental approach for a few innovation projects.

73% of companies define Agile as a culture / state of mind.

39% of companies estimate that Agile boosts new ways of collaboration.

53% of companies estimate that their work culture is too rooted in traditional methodologies to endorse Agile.

Key findings

Key findings

How do companies in Luxembourg understand Agile in 2019?

Today, the majority of Luxembourg companies define Agile as a state of mind and a project or application development methodology that places the end user at the heart of IT activities.

Furthermore, this philosophy is also now perceived as a lever for both organisational transformation and innovation.

Have the 2017 expectations of Luxembourg companies been reached?

What are the application areas of Agile?

The perception of Agile has evolved and the methodology expands now to other functions than IT

How has Agile been adopted in other countries?

This year, the PMI Chapters of Croatia and Poland launched a similar survey. In this report, we do a comparison between Poland, Croatia and Luxembourg to better identify Agile challenges at the European Level.

"Luxembourg adoption of Agile is slightly better than Croatia and Poland"

Get more insights by reading the full survey.

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