Agile Transformation

Creating value for your organization through Agility


Your challenges

Clients ask us "How might we …"
  • … move away from the silo thinking that we have had for years in our organisation?
  • …facilitate the coordination and the interaction between services within the company?
  • …raise client satisfaction and engagement?
  • …deal with the change of customer behaviors and expectations?
  • …improve continuously the client experience?
Agility can be an answer to these challenges. It enables organisations to cope with continuous change and to flourish in a world that is increasingly volatile, complex and ambiguous. It is about working smarter to generate value.

Our vision


When moving agile, companies should consider two complementary aspects: Being agile and doing agile.

"Doing agile": It is about deploying an agile approach to deliver and create value. For example, Agile scrum is one of the most popular illustration of Agile doing.

"Being agile": It is about developing an agile mindset at each level of your organization, it's adopting the right principles and practices.

At PwC, we can help you make the glue from "being" and "doing" to ensure a successful Agile transformation.

How we can help


Regardless of your level of Agile maturity, we can help and support at every step of your agile journey with tailored solutions.

  1. Agile awareness: Start from the basics to facilitate adoption and ensure overall understanding (concepts and benefits). We will assess your current agile maturity level and help you introduce agile philosophy and mindset within the organization.
  2. Agile and user-centric delivery: Combine Design Thinking and Agile Scrum to maximize the value created and accelerate your transformation. We use Design thinking to focus on understanding, identifying and framing problems while Agile Scrum is used to build solutions to problems.  We help you from product/service strategy definition (through customer/user interviews, ideation & co-creation, rapid prototyping, user tests, etc.) to implementation support (through as Scrum approach using product backlog, user stories and sprints)
  3. Steer your business activity through your Customer Journey: Bring agility to a higher level by using  it to improve your customers and employees experience. Gather insights and pain points collected from the voice of your customer and steer through cross-functional and self-organised teams.
  4. Agile@Scale: Expand agility to the whole organisation, including governance, processes, technology and people (using dedicated framework such as Agile SaFe). We will help you split your agile journey into consistent and ordered steps, allowing the enterprise to keep delivering value. We will support your cultural shift towards an agile culture by assisting you in defining new core values and behaviors which need to be promoted and adopted during the transformation.

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