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Prosperity no longer means being successful or thriving, it means ensuring that the ecosystem around us and our stakeholders thrive too. However, core to our contribution to society is the value we bring to our clients. We also truly believe we have a role to play in the wider ecosystem we are part of and we put special efforts last year to contribute to it.

The European Union, United Nations, World Bank and local governmental agendas were heavily laden this year with matters such as modernisation and transformation, digital and healthcare, but also more broadly long-term strategic and societal changes such as climate and economic recovery.

Thanks to a wide range of technical and sectoral expertise, we were in a position to support our local and international clients to solve urgent issues and work on those more long-term ambitions.

Locally, we are proud of having supported the Luxembourg government on some of their most important actions related to the COVID-19 pandemic such as planification of PCR tests, management of the sanitary reserve, a COVID-19 helpline and even the design of a PCR result prediction tool.

Additionally, we were delighted to help the EU and the member states in some of their most critical transformations such as using AI to fight tax fraud, strengthening the EU external borders management, building a more integrated and secure EU Customs systems, and contributing to the design of the EU financial instruments that will be essential in the delivery of the EU Green deal.              

Our clients have relied on our ability to combine strategic advice with hands-on, result-oriented implementations backed by the most advanced technologies in areas such as AI, Cloud and Cyber.

This year, we continue to engage with different initiatives from the Luxembourgish community and those of our neighbours.These actions are strategically focussed on deserving local NGOs mostly focussing on health programmes because we strongly believe in giving back to our community and the society in which we operate. For example, for the first time since COVID-19, we participated in Relais pour la Vie, because the need for cancer funding is as important as ever. We also organised our internal challenge “From CP to the Moon”, which is a collaborative run, where the collective objective is to reach—by running, walking or biking—the distance separating us from the Moon (400,111km). These initiatives supported Fondation Cancer, Cheveux au Vent, ELA Luxembourg and Handicap Solidaire Luxembourg Asbl with the funds raised. 

In addition, we granted the opportunity to the three teams who achieved the highest participation rate regarding our Global People Survey, to choose associations they wished to donate to: they choose the Fondation Kriibskrank Kanner, Lueur d’espoir pour Ayden and La ferme du Monceau. As education is an important topic for us, we also participated in "Fit-for-life", which is a programme educating secondary school pupils run by Jonk Entrepreneuren. 

Nearly 25% of our workforce, meaning more than 700 of our people invested their time in these initiatives and activities. As well as reinforcing one of our core values of Making a Difference, and bolstering engagement, these actions demonstrate PwC Luxembourg’s commitment to the Grand Duchy.

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