Protected ethics advice and reporting mechanisms

At PwC Luxembourg, we are aware that ethical behaviour, values and purpose are fundamental for our business, and for the trust our clients, communities and people place in us. These aspects—guided by our Code of Conduct—are what enable us to adapt to global challenges and thus remain a resilient and relevant business partner for our stakeholders. We promote and enact a responsible business internally—through an Ethics and Business Conduct Committee—as well as externally, by serving clients, approved by our Client Acceptance Committee, who value our service and meet appropriate standards of legitimacy and integrity.

Speak-Up, Listen-Up and Follow-Up culture

Speaking up to raise a concern of any type is crucial to our culture at PwC and our purpose. That’s why we offer a safe place, free from retaliation, for our people, clients and third parties to report a concern or ask a question:

  • It can be done directly to an Ethics and Business Conduct Committee Member, being composed of an independent chairman (Paul Neyens), a leader (Philippe Sergiel) and four partners, one from each of our four lines of service, as well as an Ethics Officer. The committee is devoted to creating an open culture where everyone feels respected, included and valued, and able to bring their whole self to work.
  • We identified 22 Ethics Counsellors who have an inherent diversity and proximity to the teams and are there to listen, to help and to support employees to address or report issues encountered, if need be.
  • Since early 2021, in addition to direct contact with the Ethics and Business Conduct Committee Members or Ethics Counsellors, we have organised an Ethics Helpline, which is a whistleblowing platform. Handled by an external provider, the Ethics Helpline is available via our intranet but also on our website, and enables all our employees and external stakeholders to report any ethical concerns or queries directly (online or by phone), all while having the possibility of remaining anonymous. 

We have a Code of Conduct that aims at providing an appropriate and specific framework within PwC Luxembourg in relation to any ethics and business conduct concerns. It provides a clear view on how independent investigations are performed on a confidential basis and ensures that no retaliation is tolerated.

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