Greenhouse Gas Emissions

We have begun to build a GHG inventory that looks at our emissions with scope 1, 2 and 3. As a first step, PwC Luxembourg is reporting for the first time, in this annual review, against the emission sources that fall within the scope of our current emissions reduction (see Table 2 in Appendix) and on our offsetting commitments . Below, we disclose the total amount of emissions in tonnes of CO2eq for Scopes 1 and 2 and business travel emissions under Scope 3 for the past three financial years, as well as the overall total.

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Table 1: Annual PwC Luxembourg Greenhouse Gas (GhG) Emissions (tonnes of CO2eq)

Total emissions (tCO2eq) 2019 2020 2021
Scope 1 (tCO2eq)


3.48 0.48
Scope 2 (tCO2eq) 181



Scope 3 (tCO2eq) 2,352 2,014 36
Total emissions (tCO2eq)


2,210.48 337.48

Some interpretation is perhaps helpful: 

  • Our Scope 1 emissions are a very small proportion of our carbon portfolio as we do not have many direct emissions (we do not own a car fleet). Therefore, our scope 1 emissions are related to the fuel oil consumption necessary to operate our generator and the amount of petrol and diesel used for PwC owned tractors (to remove snow etc). During this past financial year, we did not use the PwC owned tractors and because our main office was closed for the majority of the financial year, our generator was also largely unused. 

  • Our Scope 2 emissions increased in FY20 and particularly in FY21 due to Covid-related sanitary reasons - since the pandemic began the heating in our main buildings has been handled with fresh air (100% new air), compared to recycled air which we relied on pre-COVID-19.

  • Our Scope 3 business air travel emissions have - not unexpectedly - reduced dramatically since the pandemic began. Emissions from this source are likely to rise again with the expectation that we resume face-to-face client meetings and the resumption of international travel, though measures are being put in place to reduce travel demand consistent with our overall net zero ambition.

For more detailed information of our consumption and carbon emissions from 2019 to 2021, please see the tables in the Appendix.

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