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Our commitment to training and professional development is part of our people promise. Future-focused growth and development is one of the five pillars of our New Employment Deal. Our total training hours for the Firm amount to 165,303. This averages to 58 hours per employee per year.

Next to our professional and business training initiatives, we set ourselves a goal of digitising our network by upskilling all our employees to become a ‘digital citizen’. We are near completion of this goal with 83%, totalling over 10,000 hours of training. We have also completed three waves of Digital Accelerators totalling 41 employees, whereby we invest 400 hours of training per employee.

Your Tomorrow - Our programme for a Digitally Enabled Workforce

  • We continue our upskilling efforts, offering a wide range of training opportunities to our people in the digital area. We support and encourage an employee-led approach to learning, because it is more effective to let people choose what knowledge they want to acquire. We encourage our people to use their new skills—gained either in classrooms, self-paced learning platforms or through team projects—to improve their jobs and their work with clients. 
  • Our ‘Your Tomorrow’ has greatly accelerated over the last 12 months and we have reached important milestones over the three levels of our digitally enabled workforce:
    • Digital Citizen: 85% of our people have reached this level by January 2021, which means that a vast majority, including new joiners, have an awareness of data and analytics tools.
    • Digital Promoters: Here we have seen great improvement across the organisation. Each line of service has made marked achievements on this next level, by having defined and deployed a strategy to upskill 10 to 50% of their workforce according to their needs.
    • Digital Accelerators: The highest level of digitally skilled people underpinned by at least 400 hours of training now counts 41 active collaborators. Digital Accelerators are armed with the skills, knowledge and digital technology to help solve complex business challenges. They are distributed throughout the firm and are currently working on more than 90 different projects using tools from Robotic Process Automation to Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. 
  • The Digital Lab was launched in April 2021. Today, more than 2,800 employees have access to this collaborative platform, where they can find and share workflows, visualisation tools, macros or bots developed by other PwC offices in Europe. At the end of the fiscal year, a major update took place making it possible to have access to digital assets developed in other territories such as PwC US, PwC UK, PwC Canada, PwC Australia or PwC China. Through this initiative, we increased our digital collaboration with the best of our network and are fully embracing digital transformation in all our business lines.
  • For the coming year, we already have many projects and rewarding initiatives ready to be launched and we expect to continue to see behaviors and mindset changing for the best across the firm.

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