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New operating business models emerge for Financial Institutions

Further to the financial and banking crisis, the fight against tax shortfalls and tax evasion has become a priority for all the governments around the world. We have entered into a new era of tax transparency. Regulations are increasing rapidly with FATCA, CRS and Country-by-country reporting for instance.

2017 is a milestone for the CRS implementation and Luxembourg is actively participating as an early adopter country. FATCA regulations have been published on 24 July 2015 and CRS law has been voted on 18 December 2015 with a first CRS reporting due on 30 June 2017. Those changes in the Luxembourg tax environment are translated into opportunities: Luxembourg continues to attract and is clearly positioned as a preferred location within the EU market.

Thanks to the pro-active approach taken by the Luxembourg government in turning international political intentions into reality for more transparency and tax compliance, the country is now fully compliant with the new OECD rules, which set global standards to ensure the balance between transparency, compliance and the client’s needs for a high level of privacy protection.


PwC Voluntary Disclosure Program

Our assistance in voluntary disclosure programs

PwC Luxembourg has put into place a dedicated workforce to assist clients in a regularisation process in their residence country.
This workforce is currently in contact with more than 15 countries within the PwC network to help you and your clients disclosing voluntarily their assets and income.

Please contact us directly if you want to get a first assessment of the process in place in your residence country.

Global Tax Monitor

Your tool for monitoring global Voluntary Disclosure Programs

PwC provides tested information to intermediary of the financial sector on local voluntary disclosure programs for their account holders around the globe. In doing so, we offer our clients an opportunity to enhance asset retention strategies.

PwC has developed the Global Tax Monitor with comprehensive information covering 160 countries on tax amnesties, voluntary disclosure programs and alternative regimes. The database provides global tax knowledge as well as foreign exchange legislation and anti-money laundering provisions. It can be accessed through a single web based portal.

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