Listing Services

In the current regulatory environment, raising finance to fund expansion plans means examining a wide range of issues and answering a complex set of questions. Consequently, entering the international Capital Markets is a challenging task as selecting the right location and structure requires considerable insight and experience.

The challenges

  • The Prospectus Directive provides a pan-European regime for offering securities to the public or admitting securities to trading. While more standardisation and harmonisation result in a single European passport for prospectuses, this also leads to more complexity in the preparation of public offerings and admission to European regulated markets.
  • Which market is right for you? The Market in Financial Instrument Directive (MiFID) provides a framework for increased competition between trading venues. Many Exchanges now offer new financing opportunities via alternative exchange-regulated markets and other Multilateral Trading Facilities are bound to emerge in the near future.
  • The choice of the financial vehicle and its structuring are key elements to ensure an efficient placing and distribution strategy, a tax efficient structure and to meet the needs of targeted investors.
  • Independent, trusted guidance and support are key in project managing your transaction to successfully execute it within the desired timetable.

Our solutions

We aim to support our clients throughout the complete value chain starting from guidance on ‘go to markets strategy’ to the final admission on exchange.

Value chain

This value chain combines our expertise in structure (tax & financial) and compliance (regulatory / comfort) with capital markets services including: 

  • Listing Strategy
  • Listing files and communication with the competent authorities
  • Continuous Reporting
  • Coordination of the listing process

Why PwC

Our Capital Market Services Group can provide you with innovative tailored-to-your-needs solutions in accessing the Capital Markets. Our multi-disciplinary approach enables you to benefit from a team of specialised tax, regulatory, assurance and advisory experts.

Our professionals have vast experience in dealing with Luxembourg regulations and market practices, which enables them to anticipate and iron out difficulties in public offerings, listings and private placements, both locally and internationally. Our international network allows Luxembourg specialists to leverage the experience and best practices developed in other leading Capital Markets.