Capital Markets

Capital Markets

Capital Markets

Our capital markets team helps you raising equity or debt in global capital markets providing tailored advice to a broad range of businesses from smaller, entrepreneurial companies to larger national or multinational companies.

Our services include:

  • Advice on the story that best suits your organisation;
  • Support in evaluating the financing alternatives;
  • Assistance with project management and co-ordination;
  • Support in the defining the financial statements requirements, non-GAAP measures, pro forma financial information and non-financial information;
  • Advice on regulatory requirements of the various listing venues;
  • Assistance with the due diligence process;
  • Support in drafting the prospectus;
  • Advice on structuring and tax matters.

Going public is a journey through a transformation process and we are able to identify and address your key challenges thanks to our innovative and results-driven solutions enabled by effective methods and tools.

Questions to consider:

  • What are the capital markets alternatives?
  • What comparables should I look at for my IPO?
  • What are the value drivers?
  • How will my company be valued?
  • How much should I prepare before I engage an investment banker?
  • Who should I target as my investor base?
  • How do I choose my story for public markets?
  • How much capital do I need to raise?
  • Can our existing owners sell in the IPO?
  • Am I able to raise private capital before the IPO?
  • What are the potential pitfalls in a capital markets process?
  • How do I best manage the process of going to market?

We can be your independent advisor available to help you in answering each of those questions.


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