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Mergers & Acquisitions Tax

For organisations and advisers involved in a deal, maximising value is always paramount. PwC has tax specialists able to give expert structuring and financing advice at every stage of the deal cycle.

Our commercially-focused advisers are there to help throughout the process of any transaction that your organisation is involved in:

  • Public to private initiative
  • Management buy-out/in
  • Purchasing or disposing of an asset

Our unrivalled strength and depth of experience allows us to consistently deliver innovative solutions that help add real financial value to transactions.

Potential issues

  • Disposition or Acquisition of an asset or company
  • Tax due diligence on a deal
  • Tax planning to ensure tax-efficient debt servicing and repayment
  • Integration of the tax planning with accounting and regulatory requirements
  • Optimisation of the tax position of the management team's investment
  • Management Incentive Planning
  • Carry Structuring
  • Modelling tax planning scenarios for a deal
  • Floating on the Stock Exchange
  • Involvement in a public to private initiative

What we can offer

  • Minimise tax costs over the life of a deal
  • Optimise tax situation within your structure
  • Enable a post-deal structure which ensures tax efficiency
  • Access to a strong international network of commercial specialists who deliver thorough, quantitative analysis, rigorous implementation and leading-edge structuring techniques
  • First class advice across the whole of your private equity portfolio

Our services include

  • Mergers and acquisitions tax services
  • Tax for private equity funding deals and setting up funds
  • Tax advice relating to Initial Public Offerings
  • Private Finance Initiative tax advice
  • Tax advice for management involved in deals

Contact us

Vincent Lebrun

Tax Partner

Tel: +352 49 48 48 3193

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